Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela
Muhamar Khadafi

Zimbabwe President Robert
    Mugabe in Havana, July 2002

Haitian President Aristide.

Cuban Diplomatic and Consular Missions Abroad 1968

United States-Cuba Relations

Buenos Aires y La Habana firman un amplio acuerdo
Castro angers Argentina with comments on economy
Cuba squares off with Argentina
Honda irritaci?n en Argentina por ofensas de Castro
Cuba and Argentina Restore Ties
M?dica cubana pone en crisis a la Canciller?a argentina
Fired Argentine Envoy Says Cuba Won't Let Neurosurgeon Go

Bahamas on tightrope between U.S. and Cuba

Fortalecen la amistad y cooperacion Belice y Cuba

Canada, Caribbean divided on Cuba
Canada defiende su politica hacia Cuba
Canada reviewing 'constructive engagement' policy over Cuba'scrackdown on dissent
Canada, Spain condemn Cuba's sentencing of four dissidents
Canadian government rejects Castro's charges
Canadian prime minister visits Cuba
Castro rebuffs Chretien's call for reform
Canada reviewing 'constructive engagement' policy over Cuba's crackdown on dissent
Chretien appeals for release of Cuban prisoners
Dissidents' punishment prompts Canada to review Cuba ties
Fidel Castro's friends in Ottawa
Graham protests against Cuban trials
Charade in Havana: Documents show Canadian diplomats gathered intelligence about Cuba for the U.S.
Foreign Affairs checking report of Canadian jailed in Cuba
Family travels to Cuban jail to aid Alberta man on hunger strike
The Cuban connection
Castro's crackdown does Cuba no good


Las relaciones con Chile atraviesan un momento dif?cil
Lider de la derecha chilena se reune con Castro
La Habana culpa a Chile de intromision
Empresarios chilenos hacen negocios en la isla
Chilean President in Cuba
Raúl Receives Chilean President
Cuba-Chile: Path of Friendship Renewed


P. R. China President Jiang Zemin

Cuba, China sign military cooperation protocol
China claims sale of 'logistics items,' not arms
China exerting regional influence
China secretly shipping Cuba arms
Jiang, Castro sign China-Cuba trade pacts
A show of ideological solidarity from China
China to buy 4,000 tons of Cuban nickel per year
Relations with China reach stage of maturity
Cuba y China, excelentes relaciones
Castro hails China’s progress, but rejects capitalist reform

Chinese President Hu Jintao has visited Cuba twice.
He's with Fidel Castro during a November 2008 visit.
'Old friends' Cuba, China strengthen ties

Costa Rica approves Cuban consulate


Ivan Pilip and Jan Bebenik

Anti-Castro game a hit on Web
Castro accuses Czechs of spying
Cuba accuses 2 Czechs of trying to destabilize state
Cuba frees two Czech citizens
Cuba rejects Czech protest of arrests
Cuba says it will try Czechs as pro-U.S. agents
Cuba to Hold 2 Czechs at Least 60 Days
Czech envoy vows to continue pressure on Cuba
Czech leader extends stay in Cuba
Czech official fails to free detainees in Cuba
Czech Senate leader flies to Cuba over detainees
Czechs see jailing as silencing truth
Czechs stick to guns on call to censure Cuba
Demand issued over Czechs held in Cuba
Detentions in Cuba open a bitter divide
Envoy Fails to Free 2 Czechs in Cuba
Informaci?n del MINREX
Relatives visit arrested Czechs
Talks on Czechs in the works
The truth about arrest of Czech citizens who encouraged subversion
2 Czech politicians detained in Cuba
Wife and brother of detained Czechs travel to Cuba
Cuba acusa a diplomático checo de espiar para EEUU

Relations between Cuba and Commonwealth of Dominica extended

EU: no way to boost Cuba ties unless Havana improves rights record
Europa pide una 'clara se?al' de democracia
European officials start visit in Cuba
Europe excludes Cuba from aid funds for now
Cuba warns EU not to meddle in internal affairs
Europe re-evaluating overtures to Cuba, cites 'flagrant human rights violations'
Cuba to strengthen relations with EU
Cuba Announces Formal Ties With All of EU
EU ends freeze on Cuba relations
La Uni?n Europea restablece relaciones diplom?ticas normales con La Habana
Castro Angered by EU Rights Monitoring

France closer to Cuba than rest of EU

Castro meets six hours with German economy minister
Germany supports food aid program
Cuba Rejects Visit By German Politician
Posicion oficial alemana respecto a Cuba (Agosto 30, 2006)

Cuba detains detectives from Britain
Diplomats to visit Britons detained in Cuba
Liberan a siete brit?nicos
Britain builds its relationship with Cuba


Alvaro Colom awards Raul Castro the Quetzal Medal.

Cuba, Guatemala sign bilateral accords
Guatemalan president returns home after forging new ties with Cuba
Presidente Colom se disculpa con Cuba por invasión de Bahía de Cochinos
Guatemala apologizes to Cuba for Bay of Pigs
Guatemalan President Admires Cuba’s Achievements
“Fidel no puede recibir a todos los presidentes”, dice Raúl

Honduras moves toward ties with Cuba
Honduras extends diplomatic ties to Cuba

Reitera la India su apoyo a Cuba frente a pol?ticas agresivas de Estados Unidos

Iran's Parliament speaker Mehdi Karroubi welcomes Castro. 

Castro calls Iran visit 'great privilege'
Castro ends visit to Iran saying he has found new friends
Cuba seeks Iran help against U.S. 'imperialism'
Fidel Castro in Iran: 'The shah of imperialism will fall too'
Iran's ambassador denies Cuba transfers technology to his country for use in germ warfare
Iran, Cuba Mulling Over Expansion of Sports Cooperation: Mehralizadeh
Iran Interested in Expanding Ties With Cuba
Kharrazi Highlights Iran's Economic Cooperation With Cuba
Cuban official lauds Iran's automobile manufacturing technology
Tehran, Havana have extensive grounds for labor cooperation


Japanese Prime Minister Ryutaro

Delegaci?n parlamentaria japonesa en La Habana
Japan says Cuba must honor agreement
Japan to increase trade with Cuba
Cuba-Jap?n 100 a?os despu?s
Destacan buena voluntad japonesa en la colaboraci?n con Cuba
Japan pledges $480,000 for hurricane-hit Cuba


Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Nov. 2004

Castro praises Malaysia for rebelling against U.S.-led globalization
Honouring 30 years of Malaysia-Cuba relations


Mexican president Vicente Fox
visits Havana, Feb. 3, 2002.
Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe
Perez Roque (right) and Mexican
Foreign Minister Ernesto Derbez,
in Havana, July 18. 2004.

Another of Castañeda’s insidious lies
Castro apologizes to Mexico's kids for put-down
Castro heads to Mexico this week
Castro: Mexican has lots of work ahead, hope among its people
Cooler Ties Won't Keep Castro From Inauguration of Mexican
Cuban diplomat gunned down in Mexico
Castro's Attack on Fox Places Cuban-Mexican Ties in Danger
Cuba flails Mexico foreign chief
Cuba wants Mexico to admit it snubbed Castro at meeting
El culpable de lo ocurrido en Monterrey se llama Jorge Casta?eda
Fox Says Mexico Seeks Better Cuba Relations
The man responsible for what happened in Monterrey is Jorge Casta?eda
Mexican Leader Visits Castro to Repair Damaged Ties
Mexican legislators urge finding a way to end the blockade
Mexican president, Castro to meet today
Mexico Condemns Executions in Cuba
Mexico Leaves Castro's Cuba Behind
Mexico ofrecio petroleo a Cuba
Minister accuses Cuba of trying to blackmail Mexico
On Cuba Visit, Mexico's Chief Meets Quietly With Dissidents
Stung by vote, Castro lashes out at Mexico
Latest power struggle in Cuba: Fidel vs. Raul?
Mexico orders Cuba's top envoy to leave
Mexico and Peru Withdraw Ambassadors From Cuba
Mexico-Cuba relations take turn for worse
Mexico, Peru recall their ambassadors from Cuba
Castro sueña con volver a los viejos tiempos
Mexico deja abierto el dialogo diplomatico con Cuba
Mexico-Cuba rift signals Latin realignment
Mexico reminds Cuba of its debt
El Gobierno de Mexico es responsable de la crisis actual
Fox opposes U.S. on Cuba
Cuba and Mexico restore ties
Mexico, Cuba Ambassadors Return to Posts
Avanza la normalizacion de nexos con Mexico
Trial Begins for 23 Cuban Asylum Seekers
Mexico to deport Cubans heading illegally to US

Aumenta la tension entre La Habana y Panama
El cubano infiltrado en las protestas
Molestia en Panama por declaracion de Cuba
Panama critica afirmaciones temerarias
Panamanians fear foreign rebels
Panama espera un pronto restablecimiento de vinculos
Cuba, Panama Agree to Restore Relations
Anuncio Cuba normalizacion de relaciones consulares con Panama

Retorna embajador peruano en Cuba
Mexico and Peru Withdraw Ambassadors From Cuba
Peru Rechaza y Protesta por Declaraciones de Castro
Peru joins Mexico in suspending Cuba ties


Russian President Vladimir
Putin visited Havana.

Cuba, Russia seek new post-Cold War relationship
Russian official: Cuban debts no obstacle to relations
In Cuba, Putin Signals Russia's Return to Region
In Spotlight With Putin, Castro Discovers Value of Old Friend
Putin Feels Whiff of Soviet Era in Cuba
Putin promises friendship to Castro but little aid
Putin to wind up formal Cuba talks before beach trip
Putin urges revival of Russian ties with Cuba
Castro accuses Russia of betraying Cuba
Cuba afirma que quienes act?an como Mosc? producen asco
Russia Closing 2 Major Posts for Snooping, One in Cuba
Ghosts of Soviet era haunt Havana embassy

Basque issue divides Spain, Castro
Castro: Spain's Three Kings event was an insult
Zapatero dice que presionar? a Castro
Espa?a propone a la UE reducir las sanciones a Cuba si Castro suaviza la presi?n a la disidencia
Spain bashes EU-Cuba policy
Cuba Denies Entry to Spanish Politician
La Polic?a cubana, al diputado: A usted no lo admitimos en nuestro pa?s
Cuba renews official contact with the Spanish ambassador
Spain tries to thaw EU-Havana freeze

Uruguay to reestablish diplomatic relations with Cuba


Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez
welcomes Castro on Dec. 11, 2001

Report: Venezuela to co-operate Cuba oil refinery
Piden revisar el acuerdo con Venezuela
Castro says Chavez can speak for him at conference
Venezuela to Cuba: Oil isn't free
Citing violence, Cuba moving 700 workers home from Venezuela


ACP group admits Cuba as member
Castro Denounces Lenders at Meeting of Poor Nations
Developing nations summit in Cuba supports Washington protesters
Poor Countries Draft Proposal on Poverty
Third World leaders call for North-South cooperation to ease
Third World leaders in Havana for first G77 summit
Third World leaders seek ways to convince rich nations to share
U.N. chief pitches democracy in Cuba

Adams to unveil Cuba memorial
Castro arrives in Qatar on last leg of four-nation tour
Castro leads pro-Palestinian rally in Cuba
Castro, Sinn Fein leader meet in Havana
Cuban leader in first visit to Syria for talks with Assad
Estamos en desacuerdo con la Helms-Burton
Free Trade of the Americas: Reasons for saying NO
Gerry Adams and Fidel Castro hold marathon talks on North Ireland peace process
Guyana to receive 350 scholarships from Cuba
Irish republican leader Adams confirms Cuba trip
Italia entre los primeros socios europeos de Cuba
Nueva embajadora de Cuba en Ecuador afirm? fortalecer? relaciones
Prince Albert of Monaco travels to Cuba
Tres d?cadas de fruct?feros intercambios
Viet Nam to provide 250,000 tons of rice
We are developing contacts and relationships with Cuba

Chief of PLA general staff meets Cuban guests
Cuba ratifies the Tlatelolco Treaty
Grand duchess of Luxembourg visits Cuba
La Gran Duquesa Visita su Cuba Natal
RI's Cuba policy cleared up
Robert Mugabe has official talks in Havana
UAE, Cuba set up diplomatic ties

Pope appeals to Castro for leniency with Cuban dissidents, denounces executions of ferry hijackers
Intellectuals spring to Cuba's support

Angola conquisto su libertad gracias al internacionalismo del pueblo cubano
Analysis: Cuba's isolation deepens
Excelentes las relaciones entre Mozambique y Cuba
Soy cubano


Leaders of Bolivia, Cuba, Venezuela meet to endorse trade alternative to U.S.-backed pact