Elian Gonzalez Case


January 2000
INS, State Department officials meet with father of Cuban boy (CNN, January 2, 2000)
INS nears decision on Cuban boy found off Florida coast (CNN, January 3, 2000)
National Council of Churches leader arrives to meet Elian's father (Miami Herald, January 3, 2000)
U.S. Acts to Ease Cuban Boy's Exit (Washington Post, January 4, 2000)
U.S. asks Havana to let Elian's dad attend hearing (Miami Herald, January 4, 2000)
INS officer meets again with Elian's dad in Cuba (Miami Herald, January 4, 2000)
Cuban Boy's Father Visited (New York Times, January 4, 2000)
Exiles prepare to protest possible return of boy to Cuba (CNN, January 4, 2000)
Father of Cuban Boy Has Right to Custody, U.S. Officials Say (New York Times, January 5, 2000)
Plea: Bring Elian's family to U.S. (Miami Herald, January 5, 2000)
Back to Cuba? (PBS Newshour, January 5, 2000)
Pained Cuban exiles disagree on what's best for Elian (Miami Herald, January 7, 2000)
Reno Won't Reverse INS Decision to Return Boy to Cuba (Washington Post, January 7, 2000)
Hill Committee Subpoenas Cuban Boy (Washington Post, January 8, 2000)
Boy's subpoena may blunt plans for protest (Miami Herald, January 8, 2000)
Elian's dad thanks Cubans for support (Miami Herald, January 8, 2000)
In 2 Countries, 6-Year-Old Cuban Is Political Symbol (New York Times, January 9, 2000)
Gore questions INS on boyís fate (MSNBC, January 10, 2000)
Three Kings parade a spectacle for child (Miami Herald, January 10, 2000)
Custody issue stirs presidential race (Miami Herald, January 10, 2000)
Democrats pressing to delay boy's return to Cuba (Miami Herald, January 11, 2000)
Elian stays for now (Miami Herald, January 11, 2000)
Great-uncle given temporary custody (Miami Herald, January 11, 2000)
INS: No plans to forcibly remove boy from relatives (MSNBC, January 11, 2000)
INS says it has no immediate plans to force Cuban boy's return (Miami Herald, January 11, 2000)
Justice Department weighs response to court in Elian case (CNN, January 11, 2000)
Miami Relatives Get Custody of Disputed Cuban Youngster (New York Times, January 11, 2000)
Protesters, politicians, lawyers argue Elian's fate (CNN, January 11, 2000)
Protests boost police costs (Miami Herald, January 11, 2000)
Cuba Blasts Judge's Decision on Boy (Associated Press, January 11, 2000)
Attorney General Reno letter on Cuban boy (Reuters, January 12, 2000)
Cuban Boy Now a Political Football (New York Times, January 12, 2000)
Father has dropped out of sight (Miami Herald, January 12, 2000)
Interview with Elianís grandmother (MSNBC, January 12, 2000)
I.N.S. Extends Boy's Stay in Miami as Judge's Links to Case Are Questioned (New York Times, January 12, 2000)
Latin media lean toward dad's point (Miami Herald, January 12, 2000)
Uncertain Future for Elian Gonzalez (PBS Newshour, January 13, 2000)
One brief remark on `return' ignites a passionate debate (Miami Herald, January 13, 2000)
Reno calls for speedy resolution of Elian case (CNN, January 13, 2000)
Boy's Fate Called a Federal Matter (New York Times, January 13, 2000)
Delay in Elian's Return Puzzles His Father (Washington Post, January 14, 2000)
Elian's Dad Speaks Out With Anger (Associated Press, January 14, 2000)
Elian's father says family in Cuba 'suffering' because of separation (CNN, January 14, 2000)
The law and Elian Gonzales (MSNBC, January 14, 2000)
Legal sides in Elian saga fine-tuning next moves (Miami Herald, January 14, 2000)
Rare act of Congress for Elian (Washington Post, January 16, 2000)
Town hopeful for Cuba's 'boy hero' to return (The Indiana, PA Gazette, Jan. 16, 2000)

Cuban, U.S. officials disagree over reports of Elian talks (CNN, January 16, 2000)
Elianís story: ĎDateline' in Havana (MSNBC, January 17, 2000)
Federal petition for 6-year-old Elian expected by midweek (CNN, January 17, 2000)
The life that awaits Elian in Cuba (MSNBC, January 17, 2000)
2 Officials Urge Congress to Stay Out of Elian Case (New York Times, January 17, 2000)
Cuba hits citizenship proposal for Elian (Miami Herald, January 17, 2000)
Cuba Orchestrating Anti-US Protests (New York Times, January 17, 2000)
A Divided Miami (PBS Newshour, January 18, 2000)
Elian custody battle reminiscent of Castro son 45 years ago (CNN, January 18, 2000)
Elian inspires a place for permanent protest in Havana (CNN, January 18, 2000)
Elianís case and Bradleyís crusade (MSNBC, January 18, 2000)
Textbook is guide for kids at Elian's school (Miami Herald, January 18, 2000)
Groups call for returning Elian to father (Miami Herald, January 19, 2000)
Elian's Miami relatives file federal suit to overturn INS ruling (CNN, January 19, 2000)
Elian's Miami relatives sue INS (Miami Herald, January 20, 2000)
Exiles happy with judge who will hear boy's case (Miami Herald, January 20, 2000)
Judge Who Has Ruled Against Castro, Reno Gets Elian Case (South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Jan. 20, 2000)
Judge in lawsuit case may step aside (Miami Herald, January 21, 2000)
U.S. weighing answer to lawsuit (Miami Herald, January 21, 2000)
Elianís grandmothers depart for U.S. (MSNBC, January 21, 2000)
Elian's grandmothers get visas, are expected in New York today (Miami Herald, January 21, 2000)
'Frustrated' and Missing Elian (Washington Post, January 22, 2000)
Grandmothers Urge Boy's Return (Washington Post, January 22, 2000)
Little Havana's 'El Milagro' (Washington Post, January 22, 2000)
Even if it costs me my life (MSNBC, January 23, 2000)
Grandmothers' visit with Elian remains uncertain (CNN, January 23, 2000)
Miami broadcaster offers to set up meeting of Elian's family (CNN, January 23, 2000)
Tears flow as grandmas meet Reno (Miami Herald, January 23, 2000)
The ABCs of Elian's Predicament (Washington Post, January 23, 2000)
Aunt defends deadly trip (Miami Herald, January 24, 2000)
Elianís grandmas head to Miami (MSNBC, January 24, 2000)
Elian's grandmothers leave Miami without seeing him (CNN, January 24, 2000)
Grandmothers Rest for Return to Cuba (New York Times, January 24, 2000)
Members of Congress step forward to keep Elian in U.S. (CNN, January 24, 2000)
Thousands in New York Church Applaud Elian's Grandmothers (Washington Post, January 24, 2000)
Family conflict interferes with Elian reunion (Miami Herald, January 25, 2000)
Long Wait, but No Elian (Washington Post, January 25, 2000)
Elian not only Cuban child at center of custody battle (CNN, January 25, 2000)
Elian set to meet grandmothers (MSNBC, January 25, 2000)
Elianís grandmas arrive for reunion (MSNBC, January 25, 2000)
Reunion for Elian, grandmas set today (Miami Herald, January 26, 2000)
Cuban grandmothers meet with Elian (CNN, January 26, 2000)
Elian's grandmothers prepare for emotional reunion (CNN, January 26, 2000)
Grandmas find a few D.C. supporters (Miami Herald, January 26, 2000)
Neutral site good for child, many say (Miami Herald, January 26, 2000)
Police were ready to stop attempt to snatch Elian (Miami Herald, January 26, 2000)
Prosecutor wanted judge off the case (Miami Herald, January 26, 2000)
CBS signs deal for miniseries on Elian drama (Miami Herald, January 26, 2000)
Crowds, media move for a day (Miami Herald, January 27, 2000)
Grandmothers Meet With Elian in Miami (Washington Post, January 27, 2000)
Grandmothers See Cuban Boy in Private Talk (New York Times, January 27, 2000)
Host of grandmothers' meeting with Elian laments politicization of situation (Miami Herald, January 27, 2000)
House sidetracks bill to grant Elian U.S. citizenship (CNN, January 27, 2000)
Nun: Best for Elian if he stays (MSNBC, January 27, 2000)
Officers say Elian marchers got special help in jail (Miami Herald, January 27, 2000)
Players in Elian drama lobby in Washington (CNN, January 27, 2000)
Trip survivors, Miami relatives seek Congress' support (Miami Herald, January 27, 2000)
U.S. officials say demand was way out of stalemate (Miami Herald, January 27, 2000)
Elian and grandmothers meet at home of a nun (Washington Times, January 27, 2000)
Grandmothers finally get to visit Elian (Miami Herald, January 28, 2000)
Tug-of-war continues on Capitol Hill (Miami Herald, January 28, 2000)
U.S. urges judge to dismiss Elian's claim for asylum (Miami Herald, January 28, 2000)
Cubans demand return of boy in massive torchlight parade (Miami Herald, January 28, 2000)
Dad's view of family quickly deteriorated (Miami Herald, January 28, 2000)
Why Elian Should Stay (Washington Post, January 28, 2000)
Battle Over Cuban Boy Moves to Hill (Washington Post, January 28, 2000)
Boy should stay in Miami, host of family visit says (Miami Herald, January 28, 2000)
Dueling Marches on Cuban Boy Get Different Responses (New York Times, January 30, 2000)
Elian's grandmothers back in Cuba (CNN, January 30, 2000)
Protesters Call for Elian's Return (Washington Post, January 30, 2000)
Boy's grandmothers cheered as heroines back in Havana (Miami Herald, January 31, 2000)
Gawkers flock to see the house where Elian lives (Miami Herald, January 31, 2000)

February 2000
Sister Jeanne: Elian's new 'mom' is here (Miami Herald, February 1, 2000)
Why I Changed My Mind About Elián (New York Times, February 1, 2000)
Nun prepares for second lobbying trip to Washington on behalf of Elian (CNN, February 1, 2000)
Family seeks to block press' view of Elian (Miami Herald, February 1, 2000)
Messenger of God? Elian Gonzalez has divine status for some (Miami Herald, February 1, 2000)
Miami family tapes talks between Elian and dad (Miami Herald, February 2, 2000)
Dispute over Elian rips Gonzalez family apart (Miami Herald, February 2, 2000)
Grandmoms resisted thought of taking Elian (Miami Herald, February 3, 2000)
Anxious Eyes on Elian Case (Washington Post, February 3, 2000)
Cuban official says nun was `instrument' of Cuban exile community (Miami Herald, February 3, 2000)
Elian's father demands boy stay with another Miami relative (Miami Herald, February 4, 2000)
Miami's Cuban Community in Uproar Over Grandmother's Account of Meeting (New York Times, February 5, 2000)
Reno considers meeting with Elian's Miami relatives (CNN, February 5, 2000)
Reno continues to weigh meeting with Miami relatives of Elian (CNN, February 7, 2000)
'Littlest defector' of 20 years ago understands the plight of Elian (Washington Times, February 7, 2000)
Spokesman: Elian won't appear in national ads (Miami Herald, February 7, 2000)
Elian's great-uncles have had DUI convictions (CNN, February 9, 2000)
Troubles of Cuban Boy's Kin May Muddle Custody Battle (New York Times, February 9, 2000)
U.S. Is Reconsidering Change in Custody of Elian Gonzalez (New York Times, February 10, 2000)
Justice Department reviews custodial issues for Cuban boy (CNN, February 10, 2000)
Elian kin's DUI cases detailed (Miami Herald, February 11, 2000)
Cousin Says Elian Clings to Her and Life in America (Washington Post, February 12, 2000)
Cubans want Elian returned, but some are sick of hearing about it (CNN, February 12, 2000)
Attorneys representing Cuban boy file response to government motion (CNN, February 14, 2000)
Family Feud, Global Debate (Washington Post, February 14, 2000)
At Edges of Elian's Spotlight Are Other Divided Families (New York Times, February 14, 2000)
Relatives press for hearing on Elian asylum (Miami Herald, February 15, 2000)
Elian's father writes Janet Reno again demanding son's return (Miami Herald, February 16, 2000)
Evangelist: Elian's father wants boy in U.S. (Miami Herald, February 16, 2000)
Elian's dad wants envoys to visit boy (Miami Herald, February 17, 2000)
Coalition to lobby for Elian's return (Miami Herald, February 18, 2000)
Elian custody switch refused (Miami Herald, February 19, 2000)
Elian's Return Demanded (Washington Post, February 20, 2000)
Marchers demand Elian's return (Miami Herald, February 20, 2000)
Sister Jeanne: Grandma wanted to defect (Miami Herald, February 20, 2000)
Sister Jeanne says sources on Elian to come out in court (Miami Herald, February 22, 2000)
Cuban diplomat has links to Elian, spy cases (Miami Herald, February 22, 2000)
Custody Case of Cuban Boy Changes Hands (New York Times, February 22, 2000)
Elian family summit takes bizarre twist (Miami Herald, February 22, 2000)
Mom took Elian on journey of love, friends say (Miami Herald, February 24, 2000)
Elian gets new judge (Miami Herald, February 24, 2000)
Kin says father wanted life here (Miami Herald, February 25, 2000)
Cuba, Si! Elian, No! (Washington Post, February 27, 2000)

March 2000
Cousin says Elian's dad wants him in U.S. (Washington Times, March 2, 2000)
Senate Panel Hears About Elian (Washington Post, March 2, 2000)
Castro accuses Elian uncle of abuse (Miami Herald, March 5, 2000)
Former Clinton Lawyer to Represent Elian's Father (Washington Post, March 9, 2000)
Federal judge ponders decision in Elian Gonzalez case (CNN, March 9, 2000)
The positions (Miami Herald, March 10, 2000)
U.S. position on Elian case is questioned (Miami Herald, March 10, 2000)
Elian's Case Goes to Court (Washington Post, March 10, 2000)
Elian's dad hires ex-Clinton attorney (Miami Herald, March 10, 2000)
Judge Moore seen as solid, low-key, a man of few words (Miami Herald, March 10, 2000)
Penelas' money boosts Elian's new legal fund (Miami Herald, March 11, 2000)
Elian judge says he won't rule until Monday at earliest (CNN, March 12, 2000)
Legal fund for Elian tops $200,000 (Miami Herald, March 13, 2000)
Elian's dad never requested asylum for boy, lawyers say (Miami Herald, March 15, 2000)
Elian's relatives appeal after judge clears way for boy's return to Cuba (CNN, March 21, 2000)
S. Florida calm after decision (Miami Herald, March 22, 2000)
Cuba cautions against 'false optimism' (Miami Herald, March 22, 2000)
Elian's future is up to Reno, judge says (Miami Herald, March 22, 2000)
Judge Backs Elián's Return to Cuba and His Father (New York Times, March 22, 2000)
Sides in Elian case talking (Miami Herald, March 23, 2000)
Both sides in case seek accord (Miami Herald, March 23, 2000)
INS refuses to put Elian's fate in hands of arbitrator (CNN, March 24, 2000)
Tug of War Over Cuban Boy in Miami Is Heating Up Again (New York Times, March 24, 2000)
U.S. issues ultimatum to speed Elian case end (Miami Herald, March 25, 2000)
INS Extends Deadline in Elian Case (Washington Post, March 25, 2000)
Time running out for Elian's relatives to accept expedited appeal (CNN, March 26, 2000)
Mary 'appears' near Elian (Miami Herald, March 26, 2000)
Miami Relatives of Cuban Youth File Appeal (New York Times, March 27, 2000)
U.S. Takes Steps to Return 6-Year-Old to Father in Cuba (New York Times, March 28, 2000)
U.S. Relatives Refuse to Promise to Give Up Elian (Los Angeles Times, March 28, 2000)
Elian recounts boat sinking, but suggests he doesn't believe his mother really died (Miami Herald, March 28, 2000)
ABC explores boy's outlook (Miami Herald, March 28, 2000)
U.S. again threatens quick return of Elian (Miami Herald, March 28, 2000)
Grass-roots support for Elian takes on a defiant tone (Miami Herald, March 28, 2000)
INS threatens to revoke parole status for Elian by Thursday (CNN, March 28, 2000)
INS to give Elian's relatives one more chance to sign agreement (CNN, March 29, 2000)
Relatives Forced Into Showdown (Miami Herald, March 29, 2000)
Authorities keep watch on exile groups (Miami Herald, March 29, 2000)
Boy's cousin demands, gets TV time to defend position (Miami Herald, March 29, 2000)
Elian's words on going back to Cuba deleted from ABC interview (Miami Herald, March 29, 2000)
In Cuba hometown, hopes rising for Elian's return (CNN, March 29, 2000)
INS holds ultimate authority (Miami Herald, March 29, 2000)
Standoff Over Cuban Boy's Fate Intensifies (New York Times, March 29, 2000)
INS talks to continue Monday; Castro may send father, entourage (Miami Herald, March 30, 2000)
INS Talks To Resume Today; Castro May Send Dad (Miami Herald, March 30, 2000)
Exiles see Reno as the enemy (Miami Herald, March 30, 2000)
Penelas' comments stir strong reactions (Miami Herald, March 30, 2000)
Cuban Father Is Prepared to Reclaim Custody of Son (New York Times, March 30, 2000)
Police say they won't help U.S. force return (Miami Herald, March 30, 2000)
Politicians show unity, defiance (Miami Herald, March 30, 2000)
Questions about return to Cuba aired by ABC (Miami Herald, March 30, 2000)
Questions, answers (Miami Herald, March 30, 2000)
Residency bill for Elian proposed (Miami Herald, March 30, 2000)
Thousands join glowing prayer vigil (Miami Herald, March 30, 2000)
'Show of solidarity': Local, state and federal leaders express views (Miami Herald, March 30, 2000)
Reno Urges Calm and Patience in Elian Case (New York Times, March 31, 2000)
Dad wants U.S. visa, custody of Elian (Miami Herald, March 31, 2000)
Gore distances himself from Clinton administration on Elian (Miami Herald, March 31, 2000)
Gore Supporting Residency Status for Cuban Child (New York Times, March 31, 2000)
Havana residents wait, wondering what's next (Miami Herald, March 31, 2000)
In Miami, the Issue Is Not a Boy, but a Man: Fidel Castro (New York Times, March 31, 2000)
Many of county's mayors step back from Penelas (Miami Herald, March 31, 2000)
Penelas put himself into prominent spot with tough talk (Miami Herald, March 31, 2000)
Police: We'll protect public, but won't help remove boy (Miami Herald, March 31, 2000)
What They Say (Miami Herald, March 31, 2000)
Prayer vigil lifts Elian fervor to new high (Miami Herald, March 31, 2000)
Reno shares Dade's pain but vows to uphold law (Miami Herald, March 31, 2000)

April 2000
Relatives won't give Elian to dad (Miami Herald, April 1, 2000)
Elian measure wins passage in House (Miami Herald, April 1, 2000)
INS, police authorities expect work relationship to continue (Miami Herald, April 1, 2000)
Little Havana's Little Prince (Washington Post, April 1, 2000)
Text of letter from Juan Miguel Gonzalez (Miami Herald, April 1, 2000)
Ex-INS official fears Gore's stance could hurt negotiations (Miami Herald, April 1, 2000)
Gore's switch ignites barrage of criticism (Miami Herald, April 1, 2000)
First Lady Opposes Law Granting Boy Resident Status (New York Times, April 2, 2000)
Hillary Clinton opposes Elian residency drive (Miami Herald, April 2, 2000)
Local media play an exhausting waiting game (Miami Herald, April 2, 2000)
Issue of asylum hearing is real dispute in Elian case (Miami Herald, April 2, 2000)
Tuesday deadline for revoking boy's residency stands, INS says (Miami Herald, April 2, 2000)
All Seems Calm, for Now, in Battle Over Cuban Boy (New York Times, April 2, 2000)
Elian case puts Miami 'Republic' in spotlight (Miami Herald, April 2, 2000)
Elian's father comes under attack, files for U.S. visa (Miami Herald, April 3, 2000)
Mom: 'My daughter or death' (Miami Herald, April 3, 2000)
Tensions rise outside Elian family home (Miami Herald, April 4, 2000)
Arrival of Elian's father is 'imminent,' U.S. says (Miami Herald, April 4, 2000)
Most say Elian belongs with dad (Miami Herald, April 4, 2000)
Mutual distrust rules Elian talks (Miami Herald, April 5, 2000)
Elian's Father May Arrive Soon (Washington Post, April 5, 2000)
Elian Gonzalez's father coming to the United States on Thursday (Miami Herald, April 5, 2000)
Gore denies change of course on Elian (Miami Herald, April 5, 2000)
Gore Struggles to Explain His Position on Elian  (Washington Post, April 5, 2000)
Anxiety sends cousin to hospital (Miami Herald, April 5, 2000)
Media watch events closely -- and get watched in return (Miami Herald, April 5, 2000)
Standoff Threatens Trip (Miami Herald, April 5, 2000)
TV talk, news shows flocking to South Florida (Miami Herald, April 5, 2000)
Washington lawyer becomes key player in case (Miami Herald, April 6, 2000)
Case provokes harsh feelings, hope (Miami Herald, April 6, 2000)
Crowds target Reno's home (Miami Herald, April 6, 2000)
Elian and the Law (Washington Post, April 6, 2000)
Elian's Father Arrives (Miami Herald, April 6, 2000)
Fools for Elian  (Washington Post, April 6, 2000)
Letter invoking Elian draws fire (Miami Herald, April 6, 2000)
INS prepares to hand Elian over to father (Miami Herald, April 6, 2000)
Protesters call for dad to come here (Miami Herald, April 6, 2000)
Elian's dad meets with Reno (Miami Herald, April 7, 2000)
Elian custody switch to begin (Miami Herald, April 7, 2000)
Elian's father arrives to take son home (Washington Times, April 7, 2000)
Exile groups want father to come to Miami (Miami Herald, April 7, 2000)
Local authorities take charge at diplomat's home (Miami Herald, April 7, 2000)
Portrait of a father: loyal to party, family (Miami Herald, April 7, 2000)
Psychologists reveal examination details (Miami Herald, April 7, 2000)
Rescuer: Let Elian decide his future (Miami Herald, April 7, 2000)
Transcript of father's remarks (Miami Herald, April 7, 2000)
Arrival sends media into high gear (Miami Herald, April 7, 2000)
Bethesda Swept Up in the Drama (Washington Post, April 7, 2000)
Miami mayor defends city (Miami Herald, April 7, 2000)
Penelas urges demonstrators to stay calm (Miami Herald, April 8, 2000)
Reno: Boy goes to dad next week (Miami Herald, April 8, 2000)
Reno Sets Deadline on Elian (Washington Post, April 8, 2000)
Team of doctors aims to ease boy's trauma (Miami Herald, April 8, 2000)
'Nightline' shines bright light on Elian debate (Miami Herald, April 8, 2000)
Blocked in U.S. court, Miami relatives look to state forum (Miami Herald, April 8, 2000)
Cuba Meets Antiseptic America (Washington Post, April 8, 2000)
Exiles tearful over boy's future (Miami Herald, April 8, 2000)
Forcible Elian recovery an option, official says (Miami Herald, April 9, 2000)
Fishermen who saved boy turned away in Maryland (Miami Herald, April 9, 2000)
Healing wounds after Elian ordeal (Miami Herald, April 9, 2000)
Miami family should maintain ties, stay positive, psychiatrist says (Miami Herald, April 9, 2000)
Last-Ditch Efforts to Keep Elian (Washington Post, April 9, 2000)
Poll reveals widwning split over Elian (Miami Herald, April 9, 2000)
Penelas' hot talk assessed as error (Miami Herald, April 9, 2000)
U.S. Stepping Up Pressure for Handover of Cuban Boy (New York Times, April 9, 2000)
'Affidavit' Against Cuba Challenged (Washington Post, April 9, 2000)
Cuba therapists: Elian needs normalcy (Miami Herald, April 10, 2000)
Custody fight stirs trouble in another family (Miami Herald, April 10, 2000)
Elian a bridge linking rival faiths (Miami Herald, April 10, 2000)
Government Seeks to Take Final Steps in Reuniting Cuban Child With Father (New York Times, April 10, 2000)
Family Rights Triumph . . .  (Washington Post, April 10, 2000)
Health Team to Meet About Elian's Return (Washington Post, April 10, 2000)
Nonviolent activist takes key role in Elian protests (Miami Herald, April 10, 2000)
Letter from Lazaro Gonzalez (Miami Herald, April 10, 2000)
Other Latinos More Divided Over Fate of Cuban Boy (Washington Post, April 10, 2000)
Reno Signals Showdown in Fate of Cuban Boy (New York Times, April 10, 2000)
Rules for News Hounds on Heel's of Elian's Father (New York Times, April 10, 2000)
Tug of War (Washington Post, April 10, 2000)
U.S. turns up the pressure in Elian case (Miami Herald, April 10, 2000)
Was Sending Elian's Father a Risk? (Washington Post, April 11, 2000)
Miami's Hold on Elián Appears to Be Loosening (New York Times, April 11, 2000)
Elian's cousin in, out of hospitals (Miami Herald, April 11, 2000)
Expert: Law on Side of Elian's Dad (Washington Post, April 11, 2000)
Crowd appears resigned to child's return to Cuba (Miami Herald, April 11, 2000)
Dad gets an offer to defect (Miami Herald, April 11, 2000)
Elian's Relatives Seek Meeting with Dad (Miami Herald, April 11, 2000)
Elian's relatives won't budge (Miami Herald, April 11, 2000)
Great-uncle's lawyers to rush to court today (Miami Herald, April 11, 2000)
Hatred of Castro Feeds Outrage Among Exiles (New York Times, April 11, 2000)
Eliánís Reunion With Father Is Canceled, Great-Uncle Says (New York Times, April 12, 2000)
Elian poll signals wake-up call (Miami Herald, April 12, 2000)
Elian will meet with his father (Washington Times, April 12, 2000)
Elian's relatives say no trip to D.C. (Miami Herald, April 12, 2000)
For Father From Cuba, an Array of Meetings (New York Times, April 12, 2000)
Quiet Hope in Elian's Cuba Hometown (Washington Post, April 12, 2000)
In Miami, Opinions About Cuban Boy Are as Diverse as City Itself (New York Times, April 12, 2000)
Officials ask judge to throw out petition (Miami Herald, April 12, 2000)
Miami and Dade mayors meet with Reno in D.C. (Miami Herald, April 12, 2000)
Protesters rally around Elian's house (Miami Herald, April 13, 2000)
Police ready to respond today (Miami Herald, April 13, 2000)
Attorney general followed 'instinct' as final mediator (Miami Herald, April 13, 2000)
Black Caucus Sees Double Standard (Washington Post, April 13, 2000)
Big story no threat to TV's soaps (Miami Herald, April 13, 2000)
Castro Viciously Attacks Capitalism (Washington Post, April 13, 2000)
Reno asks Miami family to deliver Elian today (CNN, April 13, 2000)
Reno Rejected by Elian's Family (Washington Post, April 13, 2000)
Reno Wants Elian Today (Miami Herald, April 13, 2000)
Visiting Familiar Turf to Mediate a Dispute (New York Times, April 13, 2000)
Vatican's capital headquarters: place of peace (Miami Herald, April 13, 2000)
A changed boy after Miami stay (Miami Herald, April 13, 2000)
Court: Elian Must Stay In U.S. (Miami Herald, April 13, 2000)
Cuban-Americans Set for Showdown (Washington Post, April 13, 2000)
Cuban Boy Is an Obsession for Castro (Los AngelesTimes, April 13, 2000)
Cuba waits for Elian as custody battle moves ahead (Miami Herald, April 13, 2000)
Elian Kin Ordered to Surrender Boy Today (Washington Post, April 13, 2000)
Elian Relatives Defy Handover (Washington Post, April 13, 2000)
Family refusal to give up boy ended D.C. deal (Miami Herald, April 13, 2000)
Experts assess impact of reunion (Miami Herald, April 13, 2000)
Hometown Exhibit on Elian (Washington Post, April 13, 2000)
Miami Family Told to Turn Over Boy After Talks Fail (New York Times, April 13, 2000)
Relatives keep Elian in Miami (Miami Herald, April 14, 2000)
Throng outside house swells to thousands (Miami Herald, April 14, 2000)
Fools rush in to Elian fiasco (Miami Herald, April 14, 2000)
Stars turn out to join protest (Miami Herald, April 14, 2000)
U.S. government to meet Friday court deadline as Elian, father remain separated (CNN, April 14, 2000)
U.S. Lets Elian Deadline Pass (Washington Post, April 14, 2000)
U.S. sources: Forceful taking is 'last resort' (Miami Herald, April 14, 2000)
Video of Elian draws passionate reactions (Miami Herald, April 14, 2000)
Cuban Exile Heads Join Elian Vigil (Washington Post, April 14, 2000)
Cuban Exiles Support Elian in N.J. (Washington Post, April 14, 2000)
The Elian Endgame (Miami Herald, April 14, 2000)
Ex-Sen.: Elian Dad Offered $2M (Washington Post, April 14, 2000)
Exiles wary of federal raid (Miami Herald, April 14, 2000)
GOP letter has Elian theme (Miami Herald, April 14, 2000)
In a show of solidarity, VIPs flock to visit boy (Miami Herald, April 14, 2000)
On higher alert: City, county bolster police presence (Miami Herald, April 14, 2000)
Mayors call for peaceful reaction (Miami Herald, April 14, 2000)
Keep negotiating, experts advise Reno (Miami Herald, April 14, 2000)
Reno: U.S. will explore all peaceful solutions (Miami Herald, April 14, 2000)
State judge dismisses Miami family's suit seeking custody (Miami Herald, April 14, 2000)
Uneasiness Sets In at Growing Vigil in Little Havana (Washington Post, April 14, 2000)
Airing of family-made tape raises ethical issues (Miami Herald, April 14, 2000)
Dad's middle-finger salute ignites stir in Washington (Miami Herald, April 15, 2000)
Elian's Infantry (Washington Post, April 15, 2000)
Weekend of waiting in Elian Gonzalez case (CNN, April 15, 2000)
The Elian Tape: For Networks, To Air Is Human (Washington Post, April 15, 2000)
A Father's Frustration  (Washington Post, April 15, 2000)
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Miami Area's Mayors Ride a Volatile Political Wave (New York Times, April 17, 2000)
A Cuban Father Gets a Taste of America's Sunday Rituals (New York Times, April 17, 2000)
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Prayer, Allegations as Court Weighs Action on Elian (Washington Post, April 17, 2000)
'Radio Free Elian' Foments Cuban Standoff in Miami (Los Angeles Times, April 18, 2000)
Signs Point to a Delay in Cuban Boy's Case (New York Times, April 18, 2000)
Bill reaches $1 million for Elian-related costs (Miami Herald, April 18, 2000)
Pediatrician Warns That Elián Is Suffering Psychologically (New York Times, April 18, 2000)
Miami relatives wait for ruling (Washington Times, April 18, 2000)
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Key Latin nations resist effort to condemn Cuba (Miami Herald, April 18, 2000)
Cuban TV shows house where Elian would stay (Miami Herald, April 18, 2000)
Pediatrician Says Elian in 'Imminent Danger' (Washington Post, April 18, 2000)
Pediatricians dispute views of N.Y. doctor (Miami Herald, April 19, 2000)
Elian fight is 'blood against blood' (Washington Times, April 19, 2000)
For Reno, Elian Case Is Extremely Personal  (Washington Post, April 19, 2000)
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Atlanta court's ruling anxiously awaited (Miami Herald, April 19, 2000)
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Perilous choices confront Reno after court loss (Miami Herald, April 20, 2000)
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Dad makes plea to government, public for action (Miami Herald, April 21, 2000)
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Legal Fight Over Boy Could Last For Months (New York Times, April 21, 2000)
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