Operation Condor

Manuel Contreras, 1973
Manuel Contreras, Augusto Pinochet

Documentos entregados por Manuel Contreras, Mayo 2005
Operation Condor
CIA Report on Assassination of Gen. Carlos Prats (Oct. 25, 1974)
CIA meeting July 30, 1976
Manuel Contreras and the Birth of DINA
USA v. Guillermo Novo Sampol et al: 78-CR-367-AER
Isabel Morel De Letelier, et al, vs. The Republic of Chile, et al (1980)
Letelier vs. Chile (1984)
FBI Report on Directorate of National Intelligence (DINA) (January 21, 1982)
Cuban Nationalist Movement
Los Archivos del Horror de la Operación Cóndor
The Case Against Pinochet (The National Security Archive)

Transfer Order (Aug. 25, 1978)
Motion for Discovery and Inspection
Motion for Bill of Particulars
Government's Opposition to Motions for Discovery, Inspection, and Bill of Particulars
Motion for Change of Venue
Memorandum for Motion for Change of Venue
Government Opposition to Motion for Change of Venue
Motion to Sever Defendant Ignacio Novo Sampol
Memorandum of Points and Authorities in Support of Defendant Ignacio Novo Sampol's Motion for a Severance
Government Opposition to Motion for Severance (Oct. 23, 1978)
Motion for Reassignment of this Case to a Different Judge
Frederick Pagan, Jr. (Jan. 16, 1978)
Ricardo Cañete phone records
FBI Lab evidence: telephone equipment (Aug. 29, 1978)
Michael Townley phone conversation with Gustavo Etchepare (Jan. 30, 1979)
Joint Brief fpr Appellants Guillermo Novo Sampol and Alvin Ross Diaz, Vol. 1
Appeals from the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia
Supplemental Brief for Appellee
Motion for Bail and to Assign a Judge other than Judge Barrington Parker
Defendants' Motion for an Order to Transfer to Washington, D.C. (1980)
Defendant Alvin Ross Diaz's Motion for Bail (Nov. 6, 1980)
Petition for Rehearing and Suggestion for Rehearing en Banc (Nov. 12, 1980)
FBI Lab evidence: Alvin Ross (May 8, 1981)
Two Acquitted of Murder in Letelier Case

Guillermo Novo sentencing (Jume 26, 1981)

Letters Say Chile Aided Letelier Murder Figure

Chilean Admits Role in '76 Murder
Conspirator in murder of Chilean diplomat receives sentence

U.S. Hope of Exposing Letelier's Killers Dims

Archives Unearthed in Paraguay Expose U.S. Allies' Abuses

Pinochet Probers Tout New Evidence
U.S. Probe Of Pinochet Reopened
Latin countries urged to open files
Ex-Argentine spy arrested over Chilean's killing
Documents Link Chile's Pinochet to Letelier Murder
C.I.A. Says Chilean General in '76 Bombing Was Informer
Death deepens mystery in Brazil
Chilean justice turns down Italian extradition request
Brazil probes military over secret 'Condor' murders
Brazil to open 'Operation Condor' files for Argentina
Brazil to probe reported 'Condor' murders
Argentina seeks Pinochet's extradition in 1974 murder

New Files Tie U.S. to Deaths of Latin Leftists in 1970's
Pinochet murder inquiry aiding D.C. bomb probe
General convicted in U.S. assassination leaves prison for house arrest
La CIA vio el vuelo de Cóndor en Europa
La Suprema estudia extraditar a Contreras
El juez Guzmán pone en libertad al general Contreras, ex jefe de la Dina
El Plan Cóndor voló alto
Fiscalía francesa solicitará la extradición de Pinochet
Chile's top court turns down Italian
Argentine judge probes Chile ex-police in bomb case
Argentine ex-dictator held in 'Condor' probe

Latin Death Squads and U.S.: A New Disclosure

Presos dos agentes por el caso Prats
Former Chief of Secret Police Is Indicted by Judge in Chile

Five Pinochet officers sentenced in rights case
Chile: ex jefe represivo de Pinochet niega Operación Cóndor
Judge Questions Pinochet About Killings Under His Rule
Imponen 12 años al asesino de un general chileno
Condor legacy haunts South America

Chile Says U.S. Cooperating in '74 Probe
Nueva condena a ex jefe represor de Pinochet
Torture suspect trying to stay in U.S.

New ‘Archives of Terror’ Unearthed