Jimmy Carter Visit to Cuba
May 12-17, 2002

        Looking down on Carter in
Montreal, October 3, 2000.

  The Carters listening to Castro.
Carter is the only one smiling
upon arriving in Havana.

Castro points the way to a smirking Carter.


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MAY 12-17, 2002
Viajará a La Habana el Excelentísimo Señor James Earl Carter, ex presidente de los Estados Unidos de América (Granma Diario, May 12)
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Castro Says Carter Can Inspect Biotechnology Centers (N.Y. Times, May 13)
Reconoce Carter labor humanista de los científicos cubanos (Granma Diario, May 13)
Carter: U.S. has no evidence of bioterrorism (Granma International, May 13)
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Former president also met with dissidents (The Dallas Morning News, May 13)
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Carter en medio del conflicto entre dos mundos (El Nuevo Herald, May 13)
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Lo agasajan con deliciosos platos de la cocina local (El Nuevo Herald, May 13)
Carter Begins Historic Cuba Visit (Washington Post, May 13)
Carter Meets With Dissidents, Tours Biotech Lab in Cuba (Washington Post, May 13)
Carter: ‘I have come to seek an answer on how to achieve harmonious relations between Cuba and the United States.’ (Speech in Granma, May 14)
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Fidel and Carter strive for a more humanitarian world (Granma International, May 14)
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No proof of bioweapons in Cuba, Carter says (Miami Herald, May 14)
Carter desayuna con disidentes antes de reunirse con Castro (El Nuevo Herald, May 14)
Carter Encourages Cuban Grassroots Reform Effort (Washington Post, May 14)
Carter Says He Was Told US Had No Proof Cuba Shared Bioweapons Data (Washington Post, May 14)
In Central Havana, Life by the Ration Book (Washington Post, May 14)
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Jimmy Carter: America basher(The Washington Times, May 15)
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Impresionados visitantes norteamericanos con atención a enfermos mentales(Granma Diario, May 15)
Respalda Carter propuesta cubana para combatir el SIDA en África(Granma Diario, May 15)
Con los agricultores de una CPA habanera (Granma Diario, May 15)
Mantiene prensa internacional amplia cobertura a la visita (Granma Diario, May 15)
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Carter visits special school for the disabled: ‘These children are amazing’(Granma International, May 15)
Carter’s sensitivity to the problems of AIDS (Granma International, May 15)
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Why Jimmy Carter Should Have Visited Elián’s Hometown (Newsweek, May 15)
Carter calls for an end to the embargo on Cuba (Miami Herald, May 15)
S. Florida exiles warm to message (Miami Herald, May 15)
Carter pide elecciones libres (El Nuevo Herald, May 15)
Causa sorpresa la cordialidad de Castro hacia Carter (El Nuevo Herald, May 15)
Elogios y críticas al discurso en Cuba (El Nuevo Herald, May 15)
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Carter Visit May Boost Growing Cuba Trade (Los Angeles Times, May 17)
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Party Organ in Cuba Prints Speech (N.Y. Times, May 17)
Carter Meets Activists In Cuba (Washington Post, May 17)
Carter escéptico sobre un cambio de Castro (El Nuevo Herald, May 18)
Despidió Fidel a James Carter (Granma Diario, May 18)
Carter's speech likely to bring support from EU (Miami Herald, May 19)
Esperanzas y confusión tras la visita de Carter (El Nuevo Herald, May 20)
President and Carter Hold Talks on Cuba (The New York Times, May 22)
Carter surprisingly uninformed (Chicago Sun-Times, May 23)

Carter 'disappointed' by Cuba's handling of Varela Project petition
Carter urges Cuba to free dissidents
Carter's Cuba speech gives dissidents hope