Cuban Revolution 1957 Articles

Jay Mallin (Time correspondent)
Hit-Run Revolt (Time, Dec. 10, 1956)
Lo que nos dejaron seguir viendo (Bohemia, Dic. 16, 1956)
2 Hurt in Havana Bomb Blast (N.Y. Times, Jan. 2, 1957)
Two Found Slain in Cuba (N.Y. Times, Jan. 4, 1957)
Creeping Revolt (Time, Jan. 7, 1957)
Anti-Terrorist Rule Applied to All Cuba (N.Y. Times, Jan. 15, 1957)
Cuba Ending Rift with Dominicans (N.Y. Times, Jan. 16, 1957)
Cuban Patrol Kills 8 Rebels in a Clash (N.Y. Times, Jan. 19, 1957)
Tonight at 8:30 (Time, Jan. 28, 1957)
Cuba Guerrillas Said to Fight On (N.Y. Times, Feb. 8, 1957)
Bomb Hurts 2 in Cuba (N.Y. Times, Feb. 16, 1957)
Havana Bomb Injures 2 (N.Y. Times, Feb. 21, 1957)
Cuban Rebel Is Visited in Hideout (N. Y. Times, Feb. 24, 1957, by Herbert Matthews)
Rebel Strength Gaining in Cuba, But Batista Has the Upper Hand (N. Y. Times, Feb. 25, 1957, by Herbert Matthews)
Old Order in Cuba is Threatened by Forces of an Internal Revolt (N. Y. Times, Feb. 26, 1957, by Herbert Matthews)
Running-Sore Revolt (Time, Feb. 25, 1957)
Censorship Ends Today, Cuba Says (N.Y. Times, Feb. 26, 1957)
Cubans Debating Rebel Interview, (N.Y. Times, March 1, 1957, 8)
Cuba Says Rebels Number Only 50 (N.Y. Times, March 2, 1957)
Rebel Report (Time, March 4, 1957)
Batista Charges Castro is a Red (N.Y. Times, March 11, 1957)
Batista Smashes Armed Revolt (The Havana Post, March 14, 1957)
Cuba Suppresses Youths’ Uprising; Forty Are Killed (N.Y. Times, March 14, 1957)
Inician Causa por Delito Contra Poderes del Estado El Mundo, Marzo 15, 1957, 1
Relatan Sus Peripecias al Producirse la Agresion El Mundo, Marzo 15, 1957, 12
Niega Prio Vinculacion con El Ataque Hecho a Palacio El Mundo, Marzo 15, 1957, 12
Havana Scene Calm Again; Batista Greets Diplomats (The Havana Post, March 15, 1957)
Cuba Recovering From Brief Rising (N.Y. Times, March 15, 1957)
U.S. Embassy to Check Tourist's Death Here (The Havana Post, March 16, 1957)
Suspect Dragnet On, Tanks Leave (The Havana Post, March 16, 1957)
Civil Militia Plan Studied (The Times of Havana, March 21, 1957)
FBI Nabs Cuban on Perjury Charge (The Havana Post, March 21, 1957)
Bomb Goes Off on the Grounds of the Hotel Nacional (The Times of Havana, March 21, 1957)
Backing for Civilian Militia Stirs Row in Government (The Times of Havana, March 21, 1957)
U.S. Studying Case of 3 Youths in Cuba (N.Y. Times, March 28, 1957)
Acusan en Miami al Presidente del Club Cubano "26 de Julio," El Mundo, Marzo 29, 1957, 4
Batista Says Foes Have Quit Hide-out (N.Y. Times, March 31, 1957)
Arms Cache in Havana Suburb (N.Y. Times, April 4, 1957)
Thousands of Cubans March in Havana to Show Support for Batista (N.Y. Times, April 8, 1957)
Cuban Seeks Asylum (N.Y. Times, April 9, 1957)
7 Cubans Obtain Political Asylum (N.Y. Times, April 14, 1957)
Rebels in Havana charge betrayal (N.Y. Times, April 22, 1957)
Batista Insistent He’s No Dictator (N.Y. Times, April 23, 1957)
Cuban Sentences 40 To Prison As Rebels (N.Y. Times, May 12, 1957)
Rebel Urges U.S. Stop Arming Cuba (N.Y. Times, May 20, 1957)
U.S. Arms Vanish at Base in Cuba (N.Y. Times, May 23, 1957)
Cuba Reports a Rebel Landing; Five of 27 Caught, Army Says (N.Y. Times, May 25, 1957)
Rebel Battles Reported in Cuba; Dynamiters Cut (N. Y. Times, May 29, 1957)
Cuban Army Reports the Slaying of Chief of Recent Rebel Invasion (N.Y. Times, May 30, 1957)
Army Confident of Victory; Rebels Aim For Major City (The Times of Havana, May 30, 1957)
Cuban Army Vows War Upon Rebels (N.Y. Times, May 31, 1957)
Cubans' Protest on Terror Denied (N.Y. Times, June 2, 1957)
Crack U.S.-Equipped Battalion Is Airlifted to Oriente Front (The Times of Havana, June 3, 1957)
2 more Bombs Explode Here; No One Injured (The Times of Havana, June 3, 1957)
Cuba Denies Bombing (N.Y. Times, June 4, 1957)
Castro Forces Coached In Guerrilla War Tactics By Spanish Civil War Aide (The Times of Havana, June 6, 1957)
On The Spot Report of Uvero Battle (The Times of Havana, June 6, 1957)
Batista Holds Foes Block Earlier Vote (N.Y. Times, June 7, 1957)
En Cuba: Oriente y Sierra Maestra (Bohemia, Junio 9, 1957)
Castro Rebels Gain In Face of Offensive By the Cuban Army (N.Y. Times, June 9, 1957)
Populace in Revolt in Santiago de Cuba (N.Y. Times, June 10, 1957)
New Cuban Landing Reported Defeated (N.Y. Times, June 11, 1957)
West Cuban City Opposes Batista (N.Y. Times, June 14, 1957)
PLOT CHARGED IN CUBA; 12 Held in Move to Assassinate Minister, Police Say (N.Y. Times, June 14, 1957)
Cuba Vista por Matthews (Bohemia, Junio 17, 1957)
Cuban Drive Pressed (N.Y. Times, June 18, 1957)
Cuban Rebels Post Notices in Santiago (N.Y. Times, June 23, 1957)
Batista Stresses Peaceful Motives (N.Y. Times, June 25, 1957)
Santiago is Cool to Batista Rally (N.Y. Times, July 1, 1957)
15 Cuban Rebels Seized By Army (N.Y. Times, July 2, 1957)
Cuba Opposition Maps a Regime (N.Y. Times, July 8, 1957)
Sierra Maestra Manifesto (July 12, 1957)
Civil Rule Urged by Cuban Rebels (N.Y. Times, July 21, 1957)
Many Rebel Flags Flown in Havana (N.Y. Times, July 27, 1957)
Castro Assaults Cuban Army Post (N.Y. Times, July 28, 1957)
Cuban Troop Drive Fails to Net Rebels (N.Y. Times, July 29, 1957)
Cuban Women Defy Jets of Fire Hoses To Attack Regime (N.Y. Times, Aug. 1, 1957)
Batista Suspends Civil Guarantees (N.Y. Times, Aug. 2, 1957)
Havana Reports Rebel Skirmish (N.Y. Times, Aug. 22, 1957)
Cuba In Bid To Rebels (N.Y. Times, Aug. 28, 1957)
Batista Rejects Bid to End Press Curbs (N.Y. Times, Sept. 4, 1957)
Batista Pledges June Elections (N.Y. Times, Sept. 5, 1957)
Batista Declares He Won't Run To Succeed Himself as Presient (N.Y. Times, Sept. 14, 1957)
Batista is Dependent on Loyalty of Army  (N.Y. Times, Sept. 15, 1957)
Exiled Cubans Active in Miami (N.Y. Times, Sept. 29, 1957)
Cuban Bystander Slain (N.Y. Times, Sept. 30, 1957)
Cuba Tells of Killing 49 of Castro's Band (N.Y. Times, Oct. 13, 1957)
Revolutionary Ad (Time, Oct. 28, 1957)
Foreign Support Sought By Castro (N.Y. Times, Nov. 12, 1957)
Soldiers in Cuba Kill 4 Saboteurs (N.Y. Times, Dec. 1, 1957)
2 Cuban Rebels Killed in Clash (N.Y.Times, Dec. 9, 1957)
Sun Season (Time, Dec. 30, 1957)
Castro Proposes New Cuban Head (N.Y. Times, Dec. 31, 1957)