Anti-Castro Guerrillas 

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Sylvia Odio and JURE commandos

Evelio Duque Mijares (left) and Osvaldo
Ramirez, killed in action April 16, 1962.
Eusebio Peñalver with Thompson .45 machine gun
and Joaquin Membibre, with an M-1 carbine.


Victor "Chiche" Gomez, (dark shirt, left rear), one of the
few surviving guerrillas.
Commandant Chaplain Francisco Lopez Blazquez (center) at Delicias del Manacal farm. Monguito Perez (left) and 
Evelio Duque Mijares (right).

Delio Almeida (center) with M-3 machine gun
and Matanzas guerrillas. 
Joaquin Membibre (right)
and his guerrillas.

Anti-Communist guerrillas in Las Villas. Dr. Orlando Bosch (right) delivering weapons to the Escambray guerrillas.


MRR leader Juan Falcon on TV on July 17, 1962

Antonio Santiago Garcia

Tony Santiago: Un cadaver en disputa (Replica, Feb. 19, 1975)
El Comandante Tony Santiago: Una lucha silenciosa contra los enemigos (Granma, junio 17, 1984, 2)

MRP Camp and Col. Ramon Barquin, Roberts Road, Miami (January-February 1961)

Cuban Raiders Ordered by to Depart (March 30, 1963)
Chasing shadows

Anti-Castro War Camp Ruled Out by Exiles
Arms Cache and 3 Cubans Seized by Raiders in Jersey
The Attempt to Assassinate Castro
Bazooka Fired at U.N. as Cuban Speaks
Blast Brings Confusion and Rumor to Halls of U. N.
Blunders Hex Attempt Of Exiles To Bomb Havana
British Capture 17 Cuban Exiles and Raiding Boat
The Call to Arms that Never Came
Castro's Foes Raid Ships at Sugar Port
Cuba Captures 20 ‘Terrorists'
Cuba Ex-Senator, A Batista Aid, Seized in Miami
Cuba Is Sued for Execution of American 40 Years Ago
Cuban Exile Leader Among 8 Seized (Manolo Ray)
Cuban Raider's Own Story on Attack (Ricardo Morales Navarrete)
El enigma de la Operacion Cruz Roja
El terrorismo contrarrevolucionario no tiene limites
Exiles Claim They Raided Radar Station
Exiles Pledge Broad Effort to Overthrow Regime
Exile Raiders Sink Cuban Patrol Boat
Exiles in 'Boot' Camp on No Name Key
Exiles Pledge Broad Effort to Overthrow Regime
Family seeks to avenge execution by suing Cuba
Floating Bomb Cache, Cuba Raiders Seized
Forty Years Ago: 1961 begins in flames
Gal Guerrilla Fidel Target, Exiles Say
Goldwater Would Support An Exile Invasion of Cuba
Hit and Run to Cuba with Alpha 66
Hungry Army on the Bricks
Let Exiles Raid, Invade If Needed, Nixon Tells U.S.
The Mafia, the CIA and Castro
Montaner, terrorist (part 2)
President Bars Attack on Cuba
Raiders Damage Red Ship
Raider’s Target Was Cuban Oil
Regalo navideño de la CIA
Refugees Report Raid on Cuban Port
Silencio mortal sobre grupo anticastrista
The Riddle of AM LASH (Rolando Cubela)
Three Arraigned here in Cuban Arms Raid
Three Held in Bazooka Firing at the U.N.
Two Cuba Invaders Escape, 13 Jailed
U.S. Curb Angers Exiles
U.S. Curbs Miami Exiles To Prevent Raids on Cuba
U.S. Nabs Anti-Castro Fighters-Why?
We’ll Hit All Ships To Cuba, Alpha 66 Threatens
Cuba en el Destierro por Exodus (El Tiempo, Nov. 14, 1964, 18)

Survivors remember bloody battle on 50th anniversary