William Alexander Morgan
(April 19, 1928-March 11, 1961)

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  William Morgan, seated, with beret.

Escambray guerrillas in 1958. Left to right: Nene Français, killed in the battle of Trinidad; Eloy Gutiérrez Menoyo, jailed by Castro 1965-1986; José García, killed in Cuba; Henry Fuerte, killed in the 1959 Haitian invasion; William Morgan, shot by Castro firing squad, March 1961.


Cuban War Aided by Second Front (N.Y. Times, April 3, 1958)
Castro Names Toledoan To Military Post (Jan. 5, 1959)
Leader of Castro’s Jungle Fighters Wants To Return Home To Toledo (Jan. 6, 1959)
Adventurer Divorced By Toledo Wife (Jan. 7, 1959)
Cuba Facing Rule By Decree For Next 18 Months (Jan. 7, 1959)
Ex-Toledoan To Tell Cuba Story In City (Feb. 27, 1959)
Cuba Cancels U.S. Tour By Morgan (March 4, 1959)
The Case Of Cuba’s Maj. Alex Morgan (May 23, 1959)
New Clashes Reported In Cuban Countryside (Aug. 11, 1959)
Toledoan Hailed As Hero In Foiling Castro Foes (Aug. 13, 1959)
Major Morgan Opposes Death For Plotters (Aug. 21, 1959)
Wife Of Toledo’s Rebel Major Has Baby In Havana (Sept. 1, 1959)
Ex-Toledoan Faces Citizenship Loss (Sept. 4, 1959)
Morgan’s Havana Home Target Of Gunfire From Car (Sept. 4, 1959)
Morgan to Fight Attempt to Strip U.S. Citizenship (Sept. 4, 1959)
US Turns Down Morgan Citizenship Request (Sept. 5, 1959)
Morgan Of Toledo Fights To Retain His Citizenship (Sept. 6, 1959)
Morgan Held Disavowing U.S. (Sept. 22, 1959)
Quitting U.S. Rights, Toledo Man Confirms (Sept. 25, 1959)
Morgan Says He’ll Become Cuban Citizen (Sept. 26, 1959)
Former Toledoan In Castro Forces Says He’s Cuban (Oct. 17, 1959)
Biggest Cuba Conspiracy Trial Goes On (Jan. 19, 1960)
Group In Cuban Revolt Dissolves (Feb. 28, 1960)
Dockworker set ship blast in Havana, American claims (March 7, 1960)
Frogs In New Command Of Toledo Major In Cuba (April 11, 1960)
Cuban Army Discloses Arrest Of Major Morgan, Ex-Toledoan (Oct. 22, 1960)
Castro Arrests Ex-Aide for ‘Double Cross’ (Oct. 22, 1960)
Ex-Toledoan Reported In Cuban Prison (Nov. 16, 1960)
Toledoan Held In Solitary, Havana Hears (Nov. 17, 1960)
Aid To Morgan By U.S. Hinted (Nov. 18, 1960)
Cubans Foil Morgan Plot (Dec. 4, 1960)
Llevado W. Morgan a Juicio (March 10, 1961)
Castro Demands Death Penalty For Ex-Toledoan (March 10, 1961)
Death Penalty Handed Morgan By Cuban Jury (March 11, 1961)
Once Cuban Hero, Buried as ‘Traitor’ (March 11, 1961)
Morgan Buried In Cuban Crypt, Fugitive Wife Stays In Hiding (March 13, 1961)
Saga Of William Morgan Ends In Cuban Cemetery (March 13, 1961)
Morgan Killed As Anti-Red, His Note Says (March 17, 1961)
Letter Left By Morgan Explains Fate (March 17, 1961)
Morgan’s Widow Seized In Cuba (March 19, 1961)
Condenan a Cinco Años de Cárcel a un Hombre y a una Mujer por Dar Refugio a la Viuda de Morgan (April 27, 1961)
William Morgan (June 20, 1963)
Toledoan’s Death In Cuba Detailed (August 2, 1963)
A Tribute to William Morgan (March 15, 1964)
Olga´s Dream (Reader´s Digest, Dec. 1981)

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Editorial Note (348)
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Colon Cemetery, Havana

Cuba's Yankee Comandante (Toledo Blade, March 3, 2002)
He died for no reason, says wife (Toledo Blade, March 4, 2002)
An escape from Cuba: Olga comes 'home' to Toledo (Toledo Blade, March 5, 2002)
Search for Toledoan’s remains is daunting (Toledo Blade, March 17, 2002)
Body of Toledo soldier of fortune cannot be found (Toledo Blade, April 5, 2002)
Widow wants Cuba to return husband's remains to U.S. (South Florida Sun Sentinel, March 4, 2002)
El regreso de los restos de William Morgan (El Nuevo Herald, March 6, 2002)
Widow pushes for remains of 'Yankee Commander' (The Dallas Morning News, March 31, 2002)
Cuban revolutionary's remains found, may be returned to Ohio (The Plain Dealer, Dec. 22, 2002)
Toledoan may be coming home (Toledo Blade, Dec. 22, 2002)


Amid Cuba thaw, widow fights to bring yanqui comandante home (Miami Herald, Feb. 22, 2015)
Remains of American who fought with Castro then tried to oust him - only to be brutally executed - could be returned to his wife in Ohio after more than FIVE DECADES  (Daily Mail, Feb. 22, 2015)