Col. Henry Theodore Titus
(Feb. 13, 1822-Aug. 7, 1881)

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University of South Carolina Press, 2016


Henry Theodore Titus Mary Evelina Dofour Hopkins


Pierre Soule Titus, 1926

Henry Titus gravesite, LaGrange Cemetery, Titusville, Fla.


    Mary E. Titus gravesite, Evergreen Cemetery, Jacksonville, FL
Mary E. Titus and her father Edward Hopkins, Evergreen Cemetery

Census records 1830-1880

Titusville, Florida

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Grocery & Provision Store (Feb. 19, 1852)
Dealer in Groceries, Provision, Liquors (April 24, 1852)
Cash Grocery & Provision Store (Dec. 4, 1852)
W. A. Work & Son vs. Henry T. Titus, Aug. 15, 1867
Probate Record 2104
Probate Record 2105

Battle of Fort Titus Reenactment, 2012 (Video)

Hacienda, Highway 82, Patagonia, Arizona (1858-1860)
Mowry Mine, Patagonia Mountains, Arizona (1858-1860)

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ELLETT L. TITUS (Nov. 25, 1869-Oct. 16, 1894)
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