Chavez waves to supporters, March 2004




Joe Ferrero and Enrique Santos
WXDJ-FM (95.7) El Zol, Miami Radio

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Audio of Prank Telephone Call to Hugo Chavez (January 6, 2003)
Audio of Prank Telephone Call to Fidel Castro (June 18, 2003)

No Caller ID? Chávez falls for Castro prank 'call'
HELLO, FIDEL? Prank gets foul-mouthed response
Phony phone call dupes Castro, sparks a tirade
Castro responde con insultos a una broma

Candidate's ties to Marxist rebels alleged
Chávez da a conocer 14 puntos de su futuro gobierno
Chavez: Punish tax evaders, renegotiate debt, create sports programs
Chavez video makes opponents nervous
Ex-coup leader poised for presidency
Ex dictador venezolano apoya a Chávez
In Latin America, the Strongman Stirs in His Grave
Left-wing populist Chavez wins Venezuelan presidency
Renegade Officer Favored in Venezuelan Election
Venezuelans Elect an Ex-Coup Leader as Their President
Venezuelans try to prevent former coup leader's presidential win

Castro, Chavez confer before leaving Caribbean summit
Chavez denies he's dividing Venezuela
Chávez: En mi gobierno no habrá presos políticos
Chavez rips Catholic leaders
Chavez says `right things' to U.S. officials
Chavez warns of civil war, dictatorship if constitution is rejected
Chavez won't repeal warrant for dictator Marcos Perez Jimenez
Chavez's rough past belies a softer side
Church leader says Chavez fomenting 'fear and hate'
Ex-coup leader promises 'peaceful revolution' in Venezuela
For Venezuelan Voters, a Nervous Honeymoon
Former coup leader Chavez takes office in Venezuela
Hugo Chávez pide `un poderoso brazo obrero'
It's Sunday, and Venezuelans Have the President's Ear
New Chief to Battle Venezuela's 'Cancer'
New President in Venezuela Proposes to Rewrite the Constitution
New Venezuelan president feuds with Congress, Supreme Court
Now Chavez Takes On the Church in Venezuela
President Chavez accused of militarizing Venezuela
President-elect Chavez lauds Cuban revolution
'Question Mark' to Become Venezuela's President
A Regime Drawn Up Behind Bars
Venezuela is on edge
Venezuelan leader envisions role in US-Cuba conflict
Venezuelan leader gets fast track powers to reform
Venezuelan leader trying to stay in power till 2013
Venezuelan Leader's Push for New Charter: Reformist Tool or Power Grab?
Venezuelan President Is Transforming His Country's Politics
Venezuelan president to launch newspaper abroad
Venezuelans Applaud Leader's Assault on System
Venezuela's Chavez assumes new powers, readies new taxes
Venezuela's Chavez: Castro clone or a patriot?
Venezuela's Chavez in Cuba to aid Colombian peace
Venezuela's Chavez proposes Latin America-wide military alliance
Venezuela's Chavez threatens to dissolve Congress
Venezuela's president puts coup allies back in military
Voters Push Power Toward Venezuela Leader
With oil booms over, Chavez vows to attack bloated bureaucracy
With warnings to his enemies, Chavez takes reins in Venezuela

Chavez denies he was partying with Castro during deadly floods
Chavez: End Tyranny of the Small Elite
Chavez, fellow coup leaders feud, stir division in government
Chávez gets 'fast-track' power
Chavez, media at odds
Chavez poised for easy win in Venezuelan vote Sunday
Chávez Shaping Country to His Vision
Chavez Taps Into Military to Fill Top Civilian Posts
Chávez Says He Will Crush Political Foes in Venezuela
Chavez's speeches hog TV
Leader Moves to Dominate Civic Groups in Venezuela
Opposition leaders critical of latest Chavez appointments
Venezuela's Chavez celebrates year in office, but poor still await reform
Venezuela's Chavez promises land 'revolution'
Venezuela's Chavez raises wages as election nears
Venezuela's Leader Is Seeking Decree Powers to Speed Changes
Venezuela's President Warns Bishops in Letter

A Brash Rival for Venezuela's President
Amenazan con la desobediencia civil
A revolution in chaos
Chávez assailed on handling of Venezuelan flood disaster
Chávez's choice likely to lose union-post vote
Chávez confiscará las tierras ociosas
Chávez en 'batalla comunicacional'
Chávez Finds a Brash Rival in the Mayor of Caracas
Chávez organiza 'círculos bolivarianos'
Chavez pays Libya upected visitnex
Chavez rallies communist party amid mounting unrest
Chávez se va de México con las manos vacías''
Chavez's Unfinished Revolution
El alcalde de Caracas se planta frente a Chávez
Ex asesores de Chávez prevén una catástrofe
Facing strike, Venezuela's Chavez is obliging
Gigantesca marcha contra reformas de Hugo Chávez
La dicotomía de la revolución bolivariana
Miles demandan la renuncia de Chávez
Ruling spurs charges of Chávez war on Venezuelan press
Sliding oil prices, Chavez and Gadhafi meet
Though Poor Remain Loyal, Opposition to Chavez Grows
Venezuela business calls strike
Venezuela Waits for 'Revolution' to Bear Fruit
Venezuelan leader's global oil campaign draws fire
Venezuela marks Chavez's 3rd year in office
Venezuela military supports Chavez
Venezuelan president says tour to stabilize oil market a success
Venezuelans protest Chavez's education reforms
Venezuela's 'Bolivarian Circles' Get a Direct Line to President
Venezuela's Chavez defends ties with Iraq, Libya

A 2nd Day of Anti- and Pro-Chávez Demonstrations in Venezuela
Castro says Chavez can speak for him at conference
Chávez desata su ira contra la Iglesia
Chavez floats bolivar; value plummets 19%
Chavez marks anniversary as hundreds protest
Chavez retreats as U.S. hits back
Chavez says he's democrat not communist
Colonel: Chávez undemocratic
Embattled Venezuelan leader shakes up cabinet
Facing crisis, Chávez aims to soften his tough image
Low approval rating plagues Venezuelan president
Marchers' statement asks Chávez to resign
Marchers urge Chavez's ouster
600,000 Venezuelans protest Chavez's presidency
2 military officials face inquiry over Chávez criticisms
Venezuela Seeks Calm After Leader Challenged
Venezuelan ambassador: Country's president should resign
Venezuela's Chavez names coup plotter vice president
Venezuela's strongman faces widespread calls to step down
Venezuela's President Versus Military: Is Breach Widening?
Venezuelans Are Divided Over Chavez

Venezuela Timeline April 11-14, 2002

Acting Leader Of Venezuela Steps Down
Afirman que un militar de EU respaldó el golpe
Ardent Populists Reinstate Leader to Run Venezuela
Army general: Coup a humanitarian act
Bush Officials Met With Venezuelans Who Ousted Leader
Chavez calls for unity -- then blasts his enemies
Chávez opens 'grand debate'
Chavez Reclaims Power in Venezuela
Chavez Regained Power While Plotters Bickered
Chavez revolution ends
Chavez Rounds Up Officers Behind Ouster
Chavez Shakes Up Cabinet and Promises New Policies
Chavez's Gloomy Legacy for The Left
Chavez 'stupefied' by return to power
Chavez vows to change
Chávez's new moderation: True conversion or a tactical retreat?
Citing violence, Cuba moving 700 workers home from Venezuela
Clash of Visions Pushed Venezuela Toward Coup
Cuba closely follows the events in Venezuela
For Venezuelans in Miami, turnabout is a shock
Four Generals Die in Crash of Helicopter in Venezuela
Interim leader postpones inauguration of government amid pro-Chavez protests
Labor Group Joins Protest Against Venezuelan Oil Policies
Media's Role in Crisis Becomes the Big Story in Venezuela
Pentagon to review role in Venezuela
Questions Linger in Calm but Scarred Caracas
Relief, Exhaustion and Joy as Backers Greet Chavez
Removal of leader makes region uneasy
Strike Challenges Chavez
Venezuela Calls Strike a Conspiracy to Topple Chavez
Venezuela finds road to peace is rocky
Venezuela Oil Dispute Spreads
Venezuela Wipes Away Marks of Its Fallen President
Venezuelan Military Says Chavez Is Ousted
Venezuelan Officers Usher in New Government
Venezuelan President, Ousted 2 Days Ago, May Be Back
Venezuelans linked to coup attempt said to be in Miami
Venezuela's rebellion a bizarre mix of events
Venezuela's 2 Fateful Days: Leader Is Out, and In Again

MAY 2002
Chávez purging military after coup
Estanga Denies Plotting Against Chávez
Venezuelan Says Revolt Hasn't Derailed His Plans

In the Time of Hugo Chavez (N.Y. Times Magazine)
For Venezuela, a Move Revives to Oust Chávez
Scandal brews in Venezuela over missing $2 billion
Venezuelan coup victims try to get on with their lives
Venezuela's Chavez plans to rule until 2013

Chávez likens himself to Allende
Chavez rejects demands for his resignation
Venezuela Plot Reported
Venezuelan Chief Says He's Weathering Crisis
Venezuelan Leader Defies Military and Ignores Call for Election
Venezuela's President Says New Coup Plot Against Him Was Foiled

Latin left shuns Chávez radicalism
Political Deadlock Bolsters Chavez


Don King praises Venezuela's Chavez
Chávez sustituye a su canciller
Denuncian el lujoso nivel de Chávez
Chavez assassination plot widens
Chávez extends regional muscle


Iranian President Mohammad Khatami, left,
and Chavez held a joint news conference on
March 11, 2005, near Caracas.

Chavez Casts Himself as the Anti-Bush
Chávez strongly denies he backs Colombian rebels