Puerto Rican Separatists
Fuerzas Armadas de 
Liberacion Nacional (FALN)

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Oscar Lopez, 1980

Federal Prison, Terre Haute, IN release date July 27, 2027
Oscar Lopez, 2002

             Carlos Alberto Torres 1976

Federal Prison, Oxford, WI
release date Oct. 15, 2024

Marie Haydee Torres, 1976
Released from prison April 14, 2010

Dylcia Pagan

FALN bombing 1975
FALN bombing 1977

Luis Rosado, Pedro Archuleta, Andrés and Julio Rosado, refused to testify before a
NY grand jury investigating the FALN in 1978.

Ricardo Romero, Julio Rosado, Maria Cueto, Steven Guerra and Andres Rosado being defiant in 1983 before going to prison for contempt of a N.Y. grand jury.

William Guillermo Morales
Jose Lopez

No. 1, Oct. 26, 1974
No. 2, Dec. 11, 1974
No. 3, Jan. 24, 1975
No. 4, April 2, 1975
No. 5, June 14, 1975
No. 6, Oct. 27, 1975
No. 7, June 25, 1976
No. 8, July 12, 1976
No. 9, Tribute to Pedro Albizu Campos
No. 10, Sept. 21, 1976
Feb. 17, 1977
March 20. 1977
April 9, 1977
Feb. 28, 1982

El Barrio, East Harlem, New York City (Dec. 11, 1974)
Fraunces Tavern, New York City (Jan. 24, 1975)

List of FALN perpetrated bombing and incindiery incidents

Sentence Memorandum 1983
Political Position
Security and the Cadre
Boletin del Pueblo
EPB FALN Mensaje Conjunto al Comite de Descolonizacion de la ONU

After life in safehouses and cells, FALN leader has 'no regrets'
Attacks put Puerto Rican separatist rebels back in limelight
Chicago drug gangs, terrorist linked
Cuban linked to terrorists may get diplomatic visa
FALN and Macheteros
Feds to probe Clemente spending
Freed FALN Radical Defiant Over U.S. "Crime"
Inquiry Reopened on F.A.L.N. Actions
Marie Haydee Beltran Torres vs. United States of America
New Blasts Show F.A.L.N. Resilience
Puerto Rican Bomber Asks For Amnesty
Puerto Rican Terrorists Also Threaten Reagan Assassination
U.S. may free jailed Italian activist
Wall Street Bombings Laid to Resurgence of F.A.L.N.
Widow Keeps Memory Of Lives FALN Destroyed
Fugitives Sought by U.S. Find a Protector in Cuba
The Double Life of Ernesto Gomez Gomez
S.F. couple's documentary uncovers a gripping story of social injustice

Aseguran que escuela desvió casi un millón de dólares para la causa independentista
El historial de los ex presos boricuas aviva la polémica sobre la clemencia
El Terrorismo de la FALN en EE.UU.
Faln Conmmunique, Feb. 28, 1982
Golpes Judiciales a la FALN
Informe vincula a Nieves Falcón con las FALN
EU responderá la petición de liberar a 15 presos boricuas
Piden un cambio de posición sobre los separatistas presos
Rosselló descarta interceder por presos en EE.UU
Sugieren a Clinton dejar en libertad a los presos políticos

President Clinton's Decision to Grant Clemency to FALN Terrorists (U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations)
Federal Bureau of Prison (BOP) documents
Clinton’s Terrorist Jailbreak
Boost for Puerto Rico independence unlikely
Celebration, bitterness greet 11 freed FALN members
Clemency Granted Despite Havana Connection
A Clemency Offer
Clemency Offer Draws House Panel Inquiry
Clemency Opens Old Scars for Sons of Bombing Victim
Clinton defends clemency decision
Clinton invokes executive privilege on FALN clemency
Clinton les ofrece clemencia a los presos independentistas
Clinton: No Politics in Clemency
Clinton: No politics involved
Clinton offers clemency to 11 Puerto Rican independence activists
Clinton Pardons Terror
Clinton to Commute Radicals' Sentences
Clinton Won't Turn Over FALN Files
Clinton's clemency offer for Puerto Rican militants under fire
Clintons incite all sides in clemency case
The Disgusting FALN Gambit
Embracing his freedom
FALN Crew No  Innocents: Report
FALN 11 go free
FALN members pose threat, FBI official says
FALN prisoners set free
FALN'ers Who'd be pardoned taped talking violence
FALNers Vow To Reunite
The FALN: Hillary's Willie Horton
FBI Warned Prez of New FALN Terror
Federal Agencies Opposed Leniency for 16 Militants
First Lady Opposes Puerto Rican Clemency Offer
First Lady Urges President to Withdraw Clemency Offer for Terrorist Group
The First Lady's Tricky Minuet on Clemency Issue
Freed militants avoid welcome-home rally in Puerto Rico
Freed prisoners may go to Puerto Rico
GOP Rips Feds in FALN Probe
G.O.P. Wants Clinton to Explain Clemency for Puerto Rican Nationalists
Giuliani Questions Timing by First Lady on Clemency
Hillary takes heat for mixed signals on FALN release
Hispanic Leaders Scold First Lady on Call to Retract Clemency Offer
How Bill Choose Clemency
Jailed FALN members discussed return to violence
Joy -- and a touch of bewilderment -- mark return of Puerto Rican
Justice blocks FBI testimony at FALN clemency hearing
Justice to provide only limited testimony at FALN hearing
Lawyers for Puerto Rican prisoners call Clinton's clemency offer unfair
Mixed reaction in New York to Puerto Rican clemency decision
Moynihan Joins Chorus Denouncing FALN Deal
New York's top cop opposed to clemency for Puerto Rican nationalists
O'Connor: I did not ask Clinton to free FALNers
Police Victims of Bombing Fight Clemency
Politics Buries Vow
Puerto Rican independence activists condemn U.S. clemency offer
Puerto Rican Militants Walk Out of Prison
Puerto Rican nationalists accept clemency
Puerto Rican nationalists deny links to Cuba
Puerto Rican Nationalists Freed From Prison
Puerto Ricans Clinton Freed Leave Prisons
Puerto Ricans freed in clemency deal arrive to hero's welcome
Puerto Ricans Offered Commutation
Puerto Rico prepares to receive prisoners
Release Cuts Ties Forged With Supporters
Report: Freed nationalists had links to Cuban intelligence
Returned rebels keep cause alive in Puerto Rico
Ricardo Jimenez on Meet the Press
Rudy Hammers Bill On Terror Pardon
Selling Pardons For Votes
Senate Damns Bill, 95-2, for FALN Offer
Senate to vote on resolution condemning Puerto Rican clemency
She's Gotta Have It
Testimony of Gilbert G. Gallegos
Thousands march in Puerto Rico to demand U.S. free independence
12 Puerto Rican Inmates Accept Clemency Offer
12 Puerto Rican nationalists agree to 'unprecedented' clemency condition
12 Puerto Ricans in Prison Accept Offer of Clemency

Inicia campaña por liberación de dos presos políticos boricuas

Gov's aide did time in '80s terror case
Gov's aide stays silent