The New York Post
August 30, 1999

                 So now we know why the White House is
                 refusing to release the report on which President
                 Clinton allegedly based his decision to grant
                 clemency to 16 imprisoned members of the
                 Puerto Rican terrorist group FALN. According to
                 The New York Times, it's because every single
                 law-enforcement office that was surveyed came
                 out against the deal in the strongest possible

                 The FBI, the Bureau of Prisons and two U.S.
                 attorneys all vehemently opposed the notion of
                 granting clemency to the imprisoned FALN
                 members, even with the condition that they
                 renounce violence - a condition that Clinton's
                 lucky recipients have thus far rejected.

                 Indeed, the Times quotes an unnamed senior
                 administration official as saying that Clinton's
                 clemency offer left federal law-enforcement
                 officials "stupefied" and "outraged" - and noted
                 that it is virtually unprecedented for a president to
                 reject the unanimous recommendation of agencies
                 likethe FBI and the Bureau of Prisons.

                 Not that this particular president has made a habit
                 of using his clemency power to empty out the
                 nation's prisons, even in such causes celebre as
                 the FALN. Since taking office in 1993, Bill
                 Clinton has received 3,042 petitions for clemency.
                 And prior to this case, he'd granted only three of

                 All of which inevitably leads to one conclusion and
                 one conclusion only: Bill Clinton is willing to set
                 free a group of unapologetic, self-proclaimed
                 "political prisoners" for the sole purpose of helping
                 his wife's Senate campaign attract Hispanic votes.

                 That Hillary Clinton is more than willing to waltz
                 her way into the Senate over the bodies of the
                 FALN's victims is disgusting enough. That her
                 husband is blatantly willing to violate his sworn
                 oath to "preserve, protect and defend" the
                 Constitution for the sake of his wife's political
                 ambitions is truly frightening.