The New York Post
August 31, 1999

                 The president's unconscionable offer of amnesty
                 to 16 imprisoned FALN terrorists just gets slimier
                 as each day passes.

                 First, we learned that federal law-enforcement
                 and prosecutorial agencies were unanimously
                 opposed to Clinton's clemency offer - "stupefied"
                 and "outraged," according to The New York

                 Now, we know why. Newsweek reports that the
                 Bureau of Prisons, which rarely gets involved in
                 clemency debates, expressed its strong opposition
                 because of secret audiotapes in which several of
                 those offered clemency vowed that "as soon as
                 they get out of there, they were going to return to

                 And despite the administration's claim that those
                 involved did not participate in violent, murderous
                 activities, The Post's Murray Weiss reports today
                 that a 1983 FBI report links several of them to
                 FALN bomb factories and murderous attacks,
                 including the blast at the Mobil Building that killed
                 a 26-year-old lawyer.

                 Most of those being offered clemency
                 werearrested in 1980, in Evanston, Ill., after a
                 botched armed robbery following dozens
                 ofChicago-area FALN bombings. According to
                 Evanston police, documents uncovered by the
                 FBI indicated that those arrested were in town to
                 kidnap a local millionaire industrialist and hold him
                 for ransom.

                 The slimy nature of the clemency offers, which are
                 so clearly intended to benefit the first lady's
                 senatorial campaign efforts, have given rise to
                 more demands that the White House use its
                 pardoning powers for crass political ends.

                 Now calls are being heard for the president to
                 free imprisoned spy Jonathan Pollard. After all,
                 the reasoning goes, the Puerto Ricans got their
                 guys pardoned so that Mrs. Clinton could court
                 Puerto Rican political support; shouldn't the Jews
                 get a pardon for their guy too?

                 This whole business is tantamount to selling
                 pardons, a crime for which the governor of
                 Tennessee was sentenced to a jail term back in
                 the '70s. How low will these Clintons go in their
                 quest to remain in power?

                 Our guess is that we ain't seen nothin' yet.