Venezuela Politics

Arrestan dos espías cubanos en Venezuela
Block committees sound alarm in Venezuela
Caldera deja un país irritado y empobrecido
Cuban statement on election irks Venezuela
Ex-Venezuelan leader warns of coup risks
High turnout delays Venezuelan voting
Perez runs for senate while under house arrest
Threat to Venezuelan election
Upcoming elections could reshape Venezuelan politics
Venezuelans brace for violence at polls
Venezuelan candidate has image problem abroad
Venezuelan Congress Moves to Defy Its Suspension by Rival Body
Venezuelan elite wary of leftist election victory
Venezuela's Caldera vows to rebuild confidence in nation
Venezuela uncovers plot to kill army chief
Venezuelan parties back anti-Chavez candidate
Venezuelan presidential race turns ugly
Venezuelan Pulls Off Revolution at the Polls
Venezuelans Disagree on Candidate
Vote shakes up Venezuela politics

A Carlos Andrés Pérez esta vez le toca perder
A Divided Venezuela to Vote on New Constitution
Caldera leaves economic chaos
Crisis Deepens in Venezuela as Legislators Spurn Accord
85% of Vote Reported to Back Rewrite of Venezuela's Charter
Ex-beauty queen wins election
High court reopens corruption case against former Venezuelan president
Hundreds block entrance to Venezuelan congress for second day
'Peaceful revolution' wins in Venezuela
Power Quest Drives Leader as Venezuela Goes to Polls
Publisher of Venezuela's El Mundo stepping down under `government pressure'
Rafael Caldera, un líder en retirada
Supporters of Drive to Reshape Venezuela Make a Retreat
Venezuela Congress Readies for Fight
Venezuelan assembly rejects adding Bolivar to country's name
Venezuelan court blocks plan for new constitution
Venezuela reopens corruption case against two ex-presidents
Venezuela's aging Caldera bids emotional farewell
Venezuela's course unclear as Chavez takes office today
Venezuela's president says military should get political role
Venezuelan Assembly dissolves Congress, court
Venezuelan Leader Pledges Payment of All Debts
Venezuelan protesters attack Congress
Venezuelans Give Chavez All the Powers He Wanted

Bid to oust Venezuela's Chavez grows stronger
Chavez Fills No. 2 Spot in Venezuela
Chavez government hit by corruption allegations
Church warns of electoral fraud risk in Venezuela
Court Orders Venezuela to Postpone Election on Sunday
Critics Question Legitimacy of Venezuelan Election Process
Divisions intensify within Chavez's ruling coalition
Sudden Defection in Venezuela Scrambles an Election Script
Venezuela appoints temporary Congress
Venezuelan party hits bottom
Venezuelan elections authorities call for nonviolence pact
Venezuelan Voters Approve Removal of Labor Leaders

As Military Men Get Panties in the Mail, a Law Professor Lands in Jail
Daylong Venezuelan Strike Protests Economic Program
Economic strike in Venezuela nearly paralyzes capital
Oficialismo y oposición denuncian fraude en los comicios indicales
Opositor gana los comicios sindicales venezolanos
Police break up Caracas student protest
Strike organizers claim victory while Venezuela's Chávez vows to tighten the screws''
Venezuela Businesses Plan a Shutdown to Protest Leftist Policies
Venezuelan business, labor leaders poised for legal action against Chávez


Street protesters against Chavez

  Air Force Colonel Pedro Soto

Caracas Riot Police Battle Anti-Chávez Marchers
Caracas 'Circles': Vicious, or Sociable?
Carter to mediate talks in Venezuela
Chavez supporters claim credit for sniper attack
Chávez's Foes Plan to Extend General Strike in Venezuela
Censuran la coacción al diario El Nacional
Chávez da de baja al marino que se rebeló
Chávez disciplines insubordinate officers
Chavez, dissidents continue to quarrel
Chávez foes focus on vote on his rule
Chávez foes seek Carter's help
Chavez, opponents brace for 2nd coup
Chávez's foes deliver demands for referendum
Fervent marchers mark Venezuela's deadly 1989 riots
General: Army not needed to quell Venezuelan violence
Groups warn press freedom is in jeopardy in Venezuela
In Venezuela's Capital, the 2 Faces of a Bitter Divide
Jimmy Carter ends peace trip to Venezuela
Man undergoes hunger strike against Venezuelan president
Man who led coup visits U.S.
Officer critical of Venezuelan leader detained
Rebellion Case in Venezuela Ignites Clashes
Strike Staged in Venezuela to Force Vote
Talk by exiled Venezuelan on schedule despite protests
Thousands cheer rebukes of Chavez
Thousands march in Venezuela
Venezuela Aided by Imported Gasoline
Venezuela Approaches the Brink
Venezuela Braces for a New Round of Antigovernment Protests
Venezuela coup accounts muddled, contradictory, OAS says
Venezuela coup president defends flight into exile
Venezuela Gen. Demands Chavez Quit
Venezuela coup leader leaves country
Venezuela Strike, Intended to Push Leader, May Continue
Venezuelan Coup Plotter Escapes
Venezuelan Marchers Want Police Restored to Civilian Rule
Venezuelan President's Troops Try to Tighten Noose Around Caracas Mayor's Police Forces
Venezuelan protesters face possible rebellion charges
Venezuelan Strikers Reject a Truce Call
Venezuelans consider coup unlikely
Venezuelans of all stripes take to the streets again
Venezuelans square off over 'circles'
Venezuela's Navy Is Sent to Reclaim Striking Oil Tanker
Venezuela's political crisis pits soldiers against police

As the Hardships Mount, Venezuelans Consider Easing Strike
Bank Workers to Join Venezuelan Strike Thursday
Banks, supermarkets join strike in effort to boost heat on Chávez
Carter Offers Proposals to Resolve Conflict in Venezuela
Carter proposes plan to end Venezuela crisis
Chávez Raises Oil Production in Venezuela
Chávez Set Back on Expanding Mediation Group
In Venezuelan Strike, a Shift Toward Talks
Shooting Kills One and Wounds 24 in Venezuela
6 Nations and Opposition Leaders Discuss Venezuela's Strike
Thousands March at Rites for 2 Slain in Clashes in Venezuela
Venezuelan High Court Suspends Referendum on President Chávez
Venezuelan Is Unyielding, Warning Businessmen
Venezuelan Opposition Softening
Chávez Says Leaders of Strike Should Be Tried as Saboteurs
How Venezuelan Outlasted His Foes
Strike Frays in Venezuela as Foes of Chávez Retreat
Venezuelan Police Seize Businessman Who Led 2-Month Strike
Venezuelan Court Orders Release of Strike Leader
Venezuelans cheer and protest presence of doctors from Cuba


Carter 'satisfied' with recall process
Chávez recall bid hits new bumps
Thousands of Venezuelans mark anniversary of Chavez's failed coup
Venezuela seeks help to find blast suspects
Chávez's rivals need one thing: a viable leader
Anti-Chávez drive hits big obstacle
Venezuelans' Plan to Recall Chávez Faces a Setback
Chávez foes barricade major streets
Amid unrest, effort to recall Chávez derailed over names
Supporters of Venezuelan recall vote vow to appeal
Venezuela Panel Rejects Chavez Recall Petition
O.A.S. Seeks Peaceful Solution to Tense Venezuelan Impasse
Venezuela's UN ambassador resigns
Venezuela's U.N. Envoy Quits
Chavez Says Majority On Petition Don't Exist
Pirate Radio as Public Radio, in the President's Corner
Chavez seen as ruling by circumventing law
From Chavez, Divisive Rhetoric
Justices reject ruling accepting recall signatures
Venezuela: Chavez's key backers
The big five opposing Chavez
Use of troops against street protests brings angry response
Venezuelan Seeking Central Bank Reserves
Court holds fate of Chávez, nation

Chávez tapping nation's rainy-day funds
Fugitive plots removal of Chávez
Venezuela Threatens to Expel Foreign Election Monitors
Aprueban revocarle la ciudadanía venezolana a Cisneros
Critics decry Congress' ousting of high court justice
Venezuelan Leader Braces for Recall Vote
Chavez Tightening Grip on Judges, Critics Charge

Chávez's foes slow to form strategy
Weapons proliferate in Venezuela
I rebelled for good reason, Venezuelan ex-officer says
Chávez effort boosts voter rolls
Venezuelan military officers face arrest on coup charges


Mayor: I don't belong in jail
Legion of observers invited, with limits, for Chávez vote
Venezuela's Opposition Loses Momentum
Chavez supporters, opponents hold rallies
Pro-Chávez squatters sent packing
Venezuela courts join fray
Recall vote doesn't end crisis
Who are Chávez's opponents?
Turnout Massive In Venezuela's Vote on Chavez
Chávez Is Declared the Winner in Venezuela Referendum
Jimmy Carter, OAS see no sign of fraud in recall vote
Massive turnout extends vote on Chávez
Thousands flock to Miami to vote on Chávez
Chávez celebrates, vows more 'revolution'
Venezuela Votes by Large Margin to Retain Chávez
Chávez declares referendum victory, but is battle over?
What Next for Venezuela?
Así se cometió el fraude (Power Point)
Chávez foes boycott audit, urge tests of vote machines
Audit finds no vote fraud
Chávez now can consolidate power

Loss fractures anti-Chávez movement
Outspoken Chávez foe seeks asylum in Miami
Venezuela Chief Signs Press Law Some See as Aimed at His Critics

Bribe allegations emerge against slain prosecutor
Fact or fiction? Chávez plot on trial
Anti-Chávez leader under fire
Poverty a stubborn foe of revolution

Chávez Wins Easily in Venezuela

An Empty Revolution
Venezuelan bribery stars in trial over suitcase of cash
Venezuela shuts down McDonald's
Chávez bashes foes and U.S. as Venezuelan voting nears
Venezuela Positions Itself as a Salon for the Left

Caracas neighborhood Petare is voice of Chávez's poor opposition
Venezuela rivals march in Caracas