Cuban Film

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Monte Rouge (14 min. film)
We're Here to Bug You: Video Mocks Cuban Police

Azúcar Amarga
Cesar Romero

'El Zorro' llegó clandestinamente a La Habana

Filme revela intimidad del régimen cubano

Cuba Through The Prism Of Years
Films offer a glimpse into 'real Cuba'
President of Cuba's film institute retiring

Mas de 100 filmes compiten en festival
Muere el actor Llauradó
Muere Luis Felipe Bernaza

The revolution whose values vanished in a puff of cigar smoke
Spielberg in Cuba Says Time for U.S. to Bury Grudges
Spielberg to host Cuban film festival

Balseros brings Cubans' odyssey to life at Sundance
Documentary makes Castro look like an authentic hero
Film director Oliver Stone takes on Castro
HBO shelves Castro documentary after arrests, executions
Moving on, letting go of old Cuba

Castro is slave of the people in “up close” documentary
Heartbreak, hope in 'Dance Cuba'
Redford's Red Alert
TV row as Castro vows: I was right to kill dissidents
A stone for Castro
Stone puts tough questions to Castro for documentary
Oliver Stone's Twist
'Balseros' shows the perils and progress of ex-Cubans dealing with life in U.S.
Garcia to Shoot Film on His Native Cuba
Andy Garcia honoured in Dominican Republic during filming of movie on Castro
Fahrenheit shown on TV in Cuba
Andy García: Una Cuba libre es mi deseo máximo
La ciudad perdida de Andy García
Oliver Stone afirma que Estados Unidos no caerá sobre Cuba
Lukewarm Applause for Stone's Castro Doc
Mensaje a Fidel de Oliver Stone

Exile's documentary on Castro lets her confront feelings
Castro documentary by exile airs on Monday on PBS
Film satirizes life in tragic absurdity
Movie shot in Cuba against embargo screened in Miami Beach

'Viva Cuba' is a tale of humanity, not politics
At Home With Andy Garcia
Movie Critics Aghast at Andy Garcia's 'The Lost City'
El cineasta Andy García espera que la revolución no llegue a cumplir 50 años