El Morro, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Caribbean Island

Mon. Wed.

Dr. Antonio de la Cova

Office: Moore 3103

COURSE OBJECTIVES: Emphasizes the socio-political and economic history of the Caribbean. It analyzes the impact of European colonization, piracy, and the slave trade, focusing on Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

READINGS: You are expected to read all of the texts assigned to this course and the homework assigned readings. Questions regarding the texts and homework will appear on the exams. The texts available at the bookstore are:

Jan Rogozinski. A Brief History of the Caribbean. (2000).
Manuel Zeno-Gandia. The Pond. (1999)
Jaime Suchlicki. Cuba: From Columbus to Castro and Beyond. (1997)

OTHER MATERIAL: Documentaries and overhead projections presented are part of class lectures, requiring taking notes on these occasions. Homework will be assigned from the Latin American Studies web page.

GRADING: Your grade will consist of three exams with an essay component and a research paper. The exams will cover material from the readings, lectures and presentations. There will be no "Extra Credit." The final grade is:

        First exam 20%    Second exam  30%   Third Exam 30%   Research Paper 20%
        A = 100-90; B+ = 89-87; B = 86-80; C+ = 79-77; C = 76-70; D+ = 69-667; D = 66-60; F = 59-0

RESEARCH PAPER: Choose your own topic related to this course. Four to five pages in body length, typed, double-spaced, with standard margins, without illustrations. Include at least three citations from the Latin American Studies web site, three books and three academic journals. A late paper will lose ten points. Turn in a paper copy and one on disk or by e-mail.

MAKE-UP EXAMS: It will only be given if you have a valid physician's excuse or a verified family emergency. Makeups are different and considerably more difficult than the regularly scheduled test.

ATTENDANCE: The roll will be taken at every class. Absences totaling 8 classes (20% of the course) will result in an F for the course.

CLASSES         LECTURE TOPICS                          ASSIGNED READINGS
March 10-14  Introduction and study guides  Rogoz,1-33; Suchlicki,3-31. 
             Indigenous people              Mining Threatens Ancient Cave Art        
             Voyages of Columbus            Where did Columbus first see the New World?       
             Film: Christopher Columbus     Introduction of the Horse into America
March 17-21  Colonial era                   Rogoz,34-64; Suchlicki,32-49.
             Privateers and piracy          Hispaniola: The First Colony       
             Caribbean Slavery              Henry Morgan: A Welsh Buccaneer    
             Film: The African Slave Trade  Essay on the Treatment of Slaves 

March 24-28  The sugar economy              Rogoz,65-92; Suchlicki,53-84.
             Haitian slave insurrection     The Slave Rebellion of 1791               
             The Kingdom of Haiti           Cost of Pitt's Caribbean Campaigns, 1793-98  
             First Exam.                    President Alexandre Petion

             Research paper prospectus and bibliography due.

March 31-    Cuban Annexation Movement      Rogoz,93-121; Suchlicki,87-114.
April 4      Ten Years' War (1868-1878)     Sugar Revolution in Cuba, 1750-1850      
             1895 War of Independence       The Round Island Expedition of 1849 
             Film: Spanish-American War     Evolution of Cuban Separatist Thought 


April 7-11   "Remember the Maine"           Rogoz,152-173; Suchlicki,115-131.
             Spanish-Cuban-American War     Spanish American War Chronology      
             The Roosevelt Corollary        A Splendid Little War      
             Film: The Caribbean            U.S.-Spain Treaty of Peace
April 14-19  Spanish Colonial Puerto Rico   Rogoz,122-151; Suchlicki,132-152.
             Puerto Rican Nationalism       Puerto Rico and the 1936 Tydings Bill      
             Associated Free State          Government and Politics in Puerto Rico    
             Second Exam.                   100 Years of U.S. Rule in Puerto Rico                                                

April 28-    The Cuban Revolution of 1933   Rogoz,177-210; Suchlicki,155-172.
May 2        The Batista years              The Machadato and Cuban Nationalism 1928-1932                   
             The Castro Revolution          Batista and Populism in Cuba, 1937-1940   
             Film: Fidel Castro             Why We Fight                 

May 5-9      The Bay of Pigs                Rogoz,211-247; Suchlicki,173-202.
             The Cuban Missile Crisis       Site change called fatal to invasion      
             United States-Cuba Relations   Letter from Khrushchev to Kennedy  
             Film: The Cuban Missile Crisis U.S.-Cuba Relations During Reagan 

May 12-16    Dominican Independence         Rogoz,248-270; Suchlicki, 203-221. 
             Trujillo regime 1930-1961)     Caudillos and Gavilleros vs. U.S. Marines      
             1965 Dominican Intervention    The Trujillo Era     
             Film: A History of Voodoo      President Juan Bosch
             Research paper due             Joaquin Balaguer Dominated Dominican Life
May 19-23    Occupation of Haiti (1915-34)  Rogoz,271-292; Suchlicki,222-248.
             Duvalier Dynasty               Ideology, Political Protest in Haiti 1930-46      
             Hatian Democracy Restored      The Duvalier Dynasty 1957-1986
             Third Exam.                    Aristide Is Sworn in Again as President
The preceeding schedule and procedures in this course are subject to change in the event of extenuating circumstances.