Christopher Columbus

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Columbus lands in the New World. 
Columbus, his feet in fetters, is sent back to Spain.


La Isabela, Dominican Republic

This 15th century portrait of Christopher Columbus
is attributed to artist Pedro Berruguate. 
Columbus Maps

Columbus (left) chapel altar
Alcazar, Seville
Detail of Columbus, chapel altar, Alcazar, Seville


Map of Europe and Africa belonging to Columbus
Columbus notes on The Travels of Marco Polo

Vicente Yáñez Pinzón
Captain of the Niña
Martín Alonso Pinzón
Captain of the Pinta


Pinzon brothers coin, Dominican Republic

The Christopher Columbus Tomb

The Journal of Christopher Columbus during his First Voyage, 1492-93

Letter of Dr. Diego Alvarez Chanca on the Second Voyage of Columbus

Christopher Columbus: Man and Myth
1492: An Ongoing Voyage (Library of Congress)
Christopher Columbus: Extracts from Journal (Fordham University)

The Loss of the Santa Maria Christmas Day, 1492 The American Historical Review, July 1953, 854-865.
Proof that Columbus was Born in 1451: A New Document. The American Historical Review, Jan. 1907, 270-279.
Texts and Translations of the Journal of Columbus's First Voyage The Hispanic American Historical Review, Aug. 1939, 235-261.
Texts of Columbus's Privileges The American Historical Review, July 1909, 764-776.
First European Exposure to Syphilis: The Dominican Republic at the Time of Columbian Contact (Clinical Infectious Diseases, Oct. 2000, 936-41)

Christopher Columbus A&E (44:51 min.)
Christopher Columbus: History's Greatest Explorer (48:45 min.)
Los viajes de Cristobal Colon (52:06 min.)
El mundo segun Cristobal Colon (52:22 min.)
La clave de Cristobal Colon, el Noble Gallego que Descubrio America (1:10 hr.)

Columbus heading to Puerto Rico
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