British Caribbean Islands

Leeward Islands in the North and West, Windward Islands in the South.

An Island in a Sea of Calm
Anguilla secession leader is mourned


Antiguan leader confident of victory despite corruption charges
Antiguan leader retains power after parliamentary vote
Prime Minister seeks to extend dynasty in Antiguan election

Antigua supports U.N. initiative to counter money laundering
Caribbean prime minister warns richer nations

Antigua girl sues prime minister for alleged assault
Disease hits island's only public school
Tiny Caribbean island confronts huge insurance fraud


    Prime Minister Lester Bird
Bird promises more jobs
Funds crisis in Antigua elections
Prime minister plans to dissolve Parliament
Tourism project suspended in Antigua
Pollster predicts win for Antigua opposition
Family dynasty may end
End of an era for Antigua dynasty

          Baldwin Spencer
Election results end Bird family dynasty
Spencer sworn in as new Antigua leader
Antigua wins gaming case against US

The Abaco Journal
Bahamas considering tax break for hurricane victims
Bahamas opposition party scores major upset
Bahamas postpones New Year's Junkanoo parade because of rain
Bahamas sets elections for May 2
Bahamas suffers heavy damage
Bahamas winners credit first-time voters
Bahamian government revenues drop after terrorist attacks on U.S.
Bahamian governor-general steps down
Bahamians honor first prime minister at Funeral
Bahamas On-Line
Bahamas OnLine
Bahamas Site in Germany
City.Net Bahamas
Bahamas Resource
British Queen knights two Bahamians
China's Whampoa Ltd. opens port in Bahamas
Crime threatening Caribbean tourism
Fire Sweeps Through Popular Tourist Spots in the Bahamas
More Bad Economic News for Faltering Caribbean
Protesters storm Bahamas parliament
Bahamas battered by Frances
Bahamas: 'We survived it'
Thousands still without power as the Bahamas hunker down


Masqueraders will hit the streets.

Barbados, Caribbean's Little England, debates dumping the queen
Barbados commits $10 million to roads
Barbados hotels could cut rates to boost tourism
Barbados' opposition elects new leader
Barbados prime minister rides economic strength in seeking second term
Barbados reports decline in tourism
Carib Net in Barbados
Carolyn Barrow, Barbados VIP
City.Net Barbados
In another break with Britain, Barbados to remove Nelson's statue
Ruling party gains seats in Barbados
Shortage of doctors in Barbados leads to long waits for treatment
Tourists flock to 'low-key' Crop Over
Barbados PM plans to cut ties to crown

NetWeb Bermuda
Floating Dock Bermuda
Bermuda Labor Party wins, ends 30-year rule of conservatives
Bermuda OnLine
Bermuda College
Bermuda tourism falls to 21-year low
Best of Living in Bermuda
Internet (Bermuda) Ltd.
Bermuda Department of Tourism
Brown University (U.S.) geteway to Bermuda
Bermuda premier survives leadership challenge
Officers May Gain More Than Investor in Move to Bermuda
U.S. Companies File in Bermuda to Slash Tax Bills

Cayman leader ousted
Cayman Woman Paints Visions; the World Sees Art
Ivan rips through the Caymans
'It was a wall of ocean water'


Roosevelt Skerritt
Dominica has no plans to decriminalize homosexuality
Former leader denies he left Dominica's treasury empty
Labor Party ousts government in Dominica
New prime minister of Dominica to resume passport sales
Prime minister of Dominica dies, government says
Rosie Douglas, 58, Radical Turned Leader of Dominica, Dies
Dominica severs ties with Taiwan
Canada sends economic aid to Dominica

Grenada - Where to Stay in the Caribbean
Grenada Court Sentences Bishop to Death
Grenada dissolves parliament ahead of elections
Grenada in a Spicy Dilemma
Grenada's premier promises to clean up corruption image
Grenada's second-largest party without clear leader after shakeup
Grenadians oppose release of coup leaders
History and Culture of Grenada
Medical school operates on its image
Ruling party sweeping Grenada elections
Ivan leaves at least 12 dead in Grenada
Troops patrol storm-churned Grenada

Caribbean Fears Volcanic Eruption
Caribbean islanders acquiring British passports
Islands Less Traveled
Montserrat's volcano hurls rocks, 30,000-foot ash cloud
Montserrat volcano spews streams of ash
Islanders who fled volcano are ordered to leave the U.S.
Islanders fear forced return to battered nation

Crime, corruption, drugs: St. Kitts ends lively election campaign
Labor Party returned to power in St. Kitts elections
Nevis Homepage
Sir Lee Llewellyn Moore, 61, U.N. ambassador, former premier of St. Kitts
St. Kitts Ponders Request for Bombing Range

Attack Points to 'Lethal' Mix of Religion, Rebellion, Drugs
Suspects in nun's slaying say they were sent by God
City.Net Saint Lucia
Albert H. Daniels
United Workers Party
St. Lucian minister resigns

St.Vincent & the Grenadines Page


Attempt to buy rifles linked to terrorist
Caribbean Community's first leader, Demas, dies at 69
Despite economic boom, racial divide shadows Trinidad
Failed Rebel's Boast: At Least He Rules the Street
Final election results give prime minister's party second term in Trinidad
Ethnic division marks Trinidad and Tobago election
Internal rift threatens Trinidad government
In Trinidad and Tobago, elections have a calypso beat
In Trinidad, Graft Charges Force a Vote 4 Years Early
New Trinidad prime minister sworn in
Trini's Web Pages
Trinidad and Tobago Page on the World Wide Web
Trinidad and Tobago page at Caltech
Trinidad opposition leader makes power sharing proposal
Trinidad's parliament dissolved for October
Trinidad voters divided along ethnic lines
Trinidad's national election seen as close contest
Trinidad's president dissolves Parliament
Trinidad's president to select successor
Trinidad's president to reconsider rejected Cabinet picks
Trinidad's prime minister willing to meet opposition
Trinidad president warns against 'dictatorship' in standoff with PM
Trinidadians Vote in Early, Tight Election
Brain Mclean
Mike's Trinidad & Tobago
Volcano causes Caribbean quake
Welcome to Buccoo, Tobago -- goat racing capital of the world

Fugitive from U.S. Freed, Jailed Again

City.Net Turks and Caicos Islands

British V.I. weighs income tax change
British Virgin Islands repeals order banning Rastafarians, hippies
City.Net British Virgin Islands