The Miami Herald
November 13, 2001

Carolyn Barrow, Barbados VIP

 Associated Press

 BRIDGETOWN, Barbados -- Carolyn Barrow, the American-born widow of Barbados' first prime minister, died after a long illness, family members said Monday. She was 83.

 Barrow, who was born in Orange, N.J., died Sunday afternoon at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Barbados, said her niece Jeanine Comma.

 She said the family preferred not to discuss details of the illness.

 Barrow, a radio journalist, was the wife of deceased former prime minister Errol Barrow, who led Barbados to independence in 1966 and served as the island's leader until 1976. He won elections again in 1986, but died in 1987.

 The two met in London after World War II.

 She was working as an actress, while he was studying at the London School of Economics after serving as a pilot in the war.

 They married and settled in Barbados in the 1950s.

 As her husband made his way in politics, Barrow worked in radio, reading news and producing women's programs for Barbados Rediffusion.

 She worked at the station intermittently until the 1980s.

 Barrow was described as a dignified woman who was accepted as a ``Bajan,'' as the islanders call themselves.

 ``She was a very private person, who very sedately and with dignity immersed herself in her family interests and private pursuits,'' said former prime minister Lloyd

 ``She had a warmth about her and a sense of the Barbadian people . . . and filled her role as first lady with distinction,'' said Alfred Pragnell, a prominent broadcaster who worked with Barrow.

 She is survived by her two children, Lesley Barrow-Whatley of Trinidad and Tobago; and David Barrow of Georgia.

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