March 27, 1999

Grenada's second-largest party without clear leader after shakeup

                  ST. GEORGE'S, Grenada (AP) -- After a devastating electoral loss and an
                  internal shakeup, Grenada's second-largest political party is promising to
                  renovate itself to provide an alternative to the governing party.

                  The National Democratic Party failed to win a single seat in the Jan. 18
                  election, with Prime Minister Keith Mitchell's New National Party taking all
                  15 seats in Parliament.

                  Last week, National Democratic Party Chairman Jerome Joseph announced
                  a reorganization of the party, including the ouster of acting political leader
                  Joan Purcell and two party activists from their leadership positions.

                  "The party views these steps as absolutely necessary in its efforts to move
                  forward and to present itself as an alternative," said Joseph, who will chair a
                  new steering committee that will run the party in the immediate future.

                  Purcell had replaced former Agriculture Minister George Brizan as interim
                  leader of the party just before the election. Brizan retired from politics due to
                  health problems.

                  In addition to the change of leadership, the party plans a recruitment drive
                  and efforts to strengthen its structure at the local level, said Joseph.

                  The party must restructure itself to "meet the hopes of and expectations of
                  over 12,000 supporters, well wishers and sympathizers who are depending
                  on it for political direction and guidance," Joseph said.