The Miami Herald
January 1, 2002

Bahamas postpones New Year's Junkanoo parade because of rain

 NASSAU, Bahamas -- (AP) -- The government announced is postponing its traditional New Year's Day Junkanoo parade to the end of the week because of rain.

 The parade will take place Friday evening and run until early Saturday morning, the Ministry of Culture said in a statement. It is believed to be the first time the parade has been moved to another day.

 Meteorological officer Basil Dean said it would continue to rain intermittently until Tuesday afternoon.

 The twice-yearly parade also was postponed by several hours on Boxing Day, Dec. 26, because of rain.

 The Junkanoo costumes are made with cardboard decorated with crepe paper, feathers, and fur. The parade is moved along by the music of cowbells, goat-skinned
 drums, whistles and brass instruments.

 The parade has its roots in slave celebrations and is said to be named for local slave leader John Canoe. Thousands participate in the parade and thousands more locals and tourists attend.

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