Chávez rebuts U.S. official, denies link to violent groups
Chavez says Venezuelan-U.S. relations will remain 'normal' under Bush
Despite Venezuela Rebuff, U.S. Will Keep Aiding Flood Victims
Territorial water dispute simmering between U.S., Venezuela
U.S. diplomat's reported criticism angers Venezuela
Venezuela at crossroads, U.S. ambassador says
Venezuelan Stance Halts Pentagon's Flood Relief

Caracas le dice sí pero no a Washington
Chávez condemns bombings by U.S.
Chavez draws U.S. ire, says relation not at risk
Chavez Turns Caracas From U.S. Ally to Critic
Newsmaker: Jorge Castaneda
Smoothing the Path Between Caracas and Washington
United States recalls emissary to Venezuela
U.S., Irritated by Criticism, Calls Envoy Home From Venezuela
U.S. is wary of Chávez's Cuba ties
U.S. seeks anti-terror support from Venezuela
Venezuela criticize U.S. House trade decision
Venezuela no renovará acuerdo militar con Estados Unidos
Venezuelan oil union leaders plan strike next Tuesday
Venezuela's Chavez guarantees oil supply to U.S.
Vicepresidenta venezolana arremete contra EU
Washington pide a Chávez una definición

A Coup by Any Other Name
Bush Officials Defend Their Actions on Venezuela
Bush Officials Met With Venezuelans Who Ousted Leader
Bush: U.S. at no time supported overthrow
Chavez Provoked His Removal, U.S. Officials Say
Chavez Must 'Embrace' Democracy, Bush Says
Chavez names career diplomat as ambassador to U.S.
Doubts surround Carter's bid to stimulate Venezuelan talks
In Venezuelan Ambassador's Abrupt Departure, a Sign of Turbulent Ties and Times
Oil Prices Surge on Turmoil in Venezuela
On Soft Sea Breeze, Terror War Arrives
Otto J. Reich, Combative Point Man on Latin Policy
Political Crisis in Venezuela Worries White House
Powell Faults Venezuela's Leftist Leader
In Venezuelan Ambassador's Abrupt Departure, a Sign of Turbulent Ties and Times
U.S. Bankrolling Is Under Scrutiny for Ties to Chávez Ouster
U.S. Details Talks With Opposition
U.S. stays low key in Venezuela crisis
U.S. urges Chávez to call early elections to end crisis
Venezuela insists it wants good U.S. relations
Venezuelan lawmaker says U.S. denied him visa

Call to Overthrow Chávez Cost Venezuelan a U.S. Visa
Venezuela Initiative Readied

Chavez Calls Bush 'Asshole' as Foes Fight Troops
Chávez: U.S. money part of conspiracy
Cuba Is Just a Friend, Venezuela Tells Suspicious U.S.
Fugitives have Miami hearing on asylum bid
Venezuela leader vows war if U.S. invades
After Haiti, Venezuela is wary of US interference
Chávez Says U.S. Is Fueling His Enemies
Se retiran de escuela militar en EEUU
Venezuelan Leader, in Fiery Speech, Blames U.S. for Iraq Chaos
Sen. Nelson rails on Chávez, policies 'unfriendly' to U.S.
Venezuela Is Evicting U.S. Attachés From Bases
U.S. Backs Venezuela Referendum Results
The Chávez Victory: A Blow to the Bush Administration
Assassination suspect killed in shootout


Venezuela eyes U.S. military on Curacao
Venezuela Ends Military Ties and Evicts Some U.S. Officers
Chavez Stokes Confrontation Over U.S. Role in Venezuela
Chávez is eager to meet 'Mr. Danger'
Chávez threatens to send F-16s to Cuba, China

 Chávez Threatens to Expel American Ambassador
Alleging Coup Plot, Chávez Ousts U.S. Envoy
Russian Bombers Land In Venezuela for Drills
As Election Looms, Chávez Steps Up Rhetoric
U.S. orders Venezuelan diplomats in Houston to leave
Conviction in Spy Case Over Cash-Filled Suitcase

Chávez Denounces Obama as ‘Ignorant’