Mariel Exodus (1980)

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Peruvian Embassy in Havana, April 1980.
Peruvian Embassy in Havana, April 1980.

          "We don't want water or food, we want to leave."      Foreign press speak with refugees in the embassy.

      Standing room only among the
      10,800 refugees in the embassy.
     Silvano Soto, his wife Lucia, and their
     six children sought asylum in the Peruvian

Statistics, charts, cartoons
Finding Mañana: A Memoir of a Cuban Exodus (Mirta Ojito)

El segundo Camarioca: Napoleon invade a Cuba en son de paz para traer asilados y ex presos (Replica, April 30, 1980)
Vilaboa expone su posicion y verdadero papel en el exodo de cubanos por Mariel (Replica, May 21, 1980)
Exile: I was mastermind of Mariel
U. S. Coast Guard Operations During the 1980 Cuban Exodus
Activist headed nuts and bolts of coordination
Albita alivia la pena de los cubanos en Per?
Black Cuban: 'It's as if we didn't exist'
Castro's blunder led to crisis
Cuban refugees stranded 20 years in Peru's desert
Judge: Cuban refugee can be held indefinitely
La Florida le entrega presos del Mariel al gobierno
Las dunas de Pachacamac tragan las tumbas de los cubanos
In Mariel, massive boatlift a national embarrassment
Mariel Chronology
Mariel Statistics
Miami experience fueled success
Odyssey to an American dream
'Padre del Mariel' vino a Miami en 1980
Parallels close between then, now
Refugees' arrival brought concern, anxiety among black community
Rehabilitado del Mariel en peligro de deportacion
Tutor gave me my American voice
A wall fell between Cubans on island, Cubans in Miami
High court to decide fate of refugee
Cubans fight indefinite jailing

Supreme Court Rejects Mariel Cubans' Detention
Prisoners from Mariel win release
Mariel Cubans Await Release After Decision
Court Rules Against Detention of Cubans
Liberan a 147 detenidos del Mariel
150 detainees freed; more expected soon
Freed detainees are left homeless
200 Mariel Cubans freed from prison since Supreme Court ruling
Fallecio Daniel Benitez, cubano cuya detencion sento precedente

With Mariel, South Florida blossomed
I saw joy, sadness, weariness and hope
To get the story, I hid on a boat near Mariel
I wasn't prepared for this huge story
Heady days for Herald: boatlift and major riots
Miami's Cuban stations a key force
Mariel: From turmoil to triumph
Story's fallout was felt for decades
Mariel: New leaders were forged in heat of Mariel crisis
Excludable' laments bad decisions after landing in U.S.
Mariel exiles differ on U.S. policy
Mariel exiles firmly middle class
Flowing from Mariel
Newly released Mariel refugees find life on the streets difficult
Many refugees found success outside S. Fla.
A Long Way from Mariel
A mother's push puts one teenager on the road to success
Language skills kept arrival afloat
A family is split apart in the exodus -- and finally reunited
Los rostros que ensangrentaron el Mariel

The Mariel exodus: from trickle to tsunami
After miserable voyage, a Coke and an apple
Cubans caught between generations
We knew it was our last chance out of Cuba
Out of chaos, a family reunion