Bolivia Politics

National Congress in 2004

Narco pactó con golpista boliviano

Bolivia minister resigns in smuggling scandal
Ruling coalition shows strength in local Bolivia elections

Bolivia Calls An Emergency After Protest Over Water
Bolivian Congress ratifies emergency decree

Bolivia faces a 'deficit in leadership'
Bolivians Mourn Former President


Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada

Bolivia gets new president
Bolivians vote for president, legislators
Former president chosen to lead Bolivia
A Woman's Way for Bolivia


Amid deadly violence, Bolivians call for change
Bolivians march, denounce president
Death Toll Rises in Anti-Government Protests in Bolivia
Bolivian Clashes Claim More Lives
Bolivian socialist sees new political opportunity
Bolivian Leader Resigns and His Vice President Steps In
Bolivian President Remains Defiant as Protests Intensify
Bolivian leader refuses to resign


Eustaquio Picachuri se inmoló en el Congreso.

Ex Minero Hizo Estallar Ocho Explosivos y provoco dos muertes
Veinte kilos de dinamita estremecieron a la sede de Gobierno
Miner with explosives kills himself, two police officers
Reforman la Constitución boliviana
Bolivians Call for Ouster of New President
In Bolivia, strike fails to shut down the nation
Gas wealth fuels populist experiment in Bolivia
Bolivians Support Gas Plan and Give President a Lift
Sánchez de Lozada, de acusado a acusador
U.S. foe Bolivia's biggest party



Evo Morales with coca wreaths

Bolivian Chief, Angling for Support, Offers Resignation
Bolivia's Capital Reels From Surging Protests
Bolivia Lawmakers Scramble for New Leader
Advocate for Coca Legalization Leads in Bolivian Race


Aymaran Army Ponchos Rojos behead dogs as a threat

A Crisis Highlights Divisions in Bolivia
South American leaders unite behind Bolivia's Morales
Morales, Bolivian governors agree to talks
Fears of Turmoil Persist as Powerful President Reshapes Bitterly Divided Bolivia

Bolivians Ratify New Constitution
Indians challenging Morales in Bolivia face danger