La Razon (Bolivia)
November 23, 2007

Aymaran Army "Ponchos Rojos" behead dogs as a threat

by Trisce |

 Reunited in an assembly that aproved their presence in Sucre, capital city of Bolivia, Aymaran peasants that called themselves "Ponchos Rojos", tortured and beheaded two dogs in the province of Omasuyos as a sign of warning to all of those that oppose the government of Evo Morales.  Amid the howls of pain from the animals, the enraged Aymaras screamed a threat: "This is how the dogs of the 'half moon'* will suffer!"

Both dogs were tied with ropes around their necks to an improvised wodden arch and hung, then were brutally beaten with sticks, before being beheaded.
Around them dozens of Ponchos Rojos, women and children celebrated the threat, some of them holding  rifles, they showed proudly to members of the press.

This torture happened during a concentration in the Altiplano, a place they call "The Great Barrack of Wala Chaka", just outside the town of Achacachi.
This group, an ally to the government, declared war to defend the Constituent Assembly and warned with blood shed, and announced a march to take the city of Sucre.

The Mayor of Achacachi and one Poncho Rojo, Eugenio Rojas, and social leader Ruperto Quispe, informed that this Sunday 1.000 peasants will march to Sucre. "If they oppose we will have to attack", said Quispe.

Minister of Government, Alfredo Rada, questioned the attitute of the Ponchos Rojos. "Its not the way to defend a democratic process", said.

* Half moon or "Media Luna" 4 cities of Bolivia: Tarija, Santa Cruz, Beni and Pando. Cities with the largest reserve of natural gas, and asking for auntonomy.