Puerto Ricans
in the United States

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Liga Puertorriqueña de Brooklyn, 1925

 Maids arriving by plane in N.Y. Landing in N.Y. by ship in 1941


Puerto Ricans in the U.S. statistics

Young Lords Party 13-Point Program and Platform

Contract Labor and the Origins of Puerto Rican Communities in the United States International Migration Review,(Spring, 1979)
Intermarriage of Puerto Ricans in New York City. The American Journal of Sociology, (Jan., 1966)
The Movement and Settlement of Puerto Rican Migrants within the United States, 1950-1960. International Migration Review, (Spring 1968)
Puerto Ricans in Orlando and Central Florida Centro de Estudios Puertorriqueños Hunter College (Spring 2006)

Puerto Ricans in Fla. carry clout as new swing group in state, national elections

Puerto Ricans like what Central Florida offers
Orlando celebrates Puerto Rico

Puerto Ricans remember roots as they sink new ones
Puerto Rican Community in Orlando, Florida
1986: Couple escape New York for Central Florida retirement
2005: Family decides to leave island to give kids opportunity
Zoo home is coqui-dokey with Puerto Rican icons

Florida's Puerto Rican population
Recession drives educated Puerto Ricans to South Florida

At the Parade, a Day of Traditions and Familiar Faces