"Fujipopulism" and the Liberal State in Peru, 1990-1995 (Journal of Interamerican Studies and World Affairs, Winter 1996)

Peru and Ecuador Agree to Put Border Dispute in Outsiders' Hands
Peru and Ecuador Sign Treaty to End Longstanding Conflict
Peru, Ecuador sign historic peace treaty
Peruvian opposition says Web site was designed to intimidate

Border quarrel divides 2 Latin nations
General strike slows Peru, but fails to close it down
National strike in Peru tests Fujimori's support
Opposition in Peru claims harassment
Peru Congress head says Fujimori should run again
Peru and Ecuador leaders seal historic peace deal
Peru general who led failed coup announces presidential bid
Peru's Fujimori names lawyer Bustamante new premier

Angry Election Monitor Leaves Peru 2 Days Before Runoff Vote
Anti-Fujimori Soldiers Rebel, Take Five Hostages in Peru
As Political Crisis Mounts, Peru's Leader Relishes Fight
As Protests Grow Violent, Peru Says Runoff Will Go On
Critics say Peru's president using government food aid to garner votes
Despite Much Criticism, Election in Peru Proceeds
Election Runoff Likely in Peru; Police Tear-Gas Demonstrators
International Observers Say They Fear Fujimori May Steal Peru's Election Runoff
Peru President's Vote Lead Prompts Charges of Fraud; Opposition Threatens Disorder
Peru quashes Congress bid by outspoken ex-minister
Peru Says Organizers of a Deadly Protest May Be Prosecuted
Peru Turning a Colder Shoulder as Fujimori's Power Base Erodes
Peru's Military Backs Fujimori in His Call for New Elections
Peru's New Chief Sworn In, Vowing to Revive Democracy
Peru's political crisis, intrigue deepen
Peruvian Talks to Set Election Are Suspended
Peruvians hoping for a new era
Tensions Build for Inauguration in Peru
Uncertain Timing for Peru Election Causes U.S. Concern
Vargas Llosa blasts Peru's president in rare visit home

A Woman Emerges to Offer Peru an Alternative
After a Colorful Campaign, Peruvians Vote for President
Candidates in Peru's Presidential Race Peck at Fading Military
Leftist Ex-President Makes Surprising Comeback in Peru
Peru Campaign Turns 'So Ugly' Voters Disgusted by Attacks
Peru Ex-President, Trailing, Links Election Foe to Cocaine Use
Peruvian woman faces 'machismo' in race for presidency
Peruvians Considering Vote for 'None of the Above'
Restoring Trust in Presidency Might Take a Woman's Touch
Sour About Their Choices, Peruvians Are to Vote on Sunday

Opposition Party Makes Strong Showing in Peru Election
Peru's never-ending quest for the perfect Constitution
Peruvian Leader's Party Fears Setback in Regional Voting
Political party brought out of a decade's shadow in Peru
Popular Peruvian mayor gunned down

Peru's President Declares a State Of Emergency
Protesters Defy Peru's State of Emergency
Strikers in Peru Resume Talks as Tensions Ease

Peru Leader Voices 'Disappointment' in Corruption Scandal
Peru scraps spy agency after scandals
Peruvians Fight Graft One Case at a Time
President's party seeking a way to reduce threat of impeachment
Many in Peru Ignore Call for National Strike
Arrest doesn't silence TV queen
TV news staff quits after presidential confrontation


Nationalism and Populism Propel Front-Runner in Peru
Fujimori's daughter eager to see him return

Peru's Cabinet resigns amid bribery scandal
Peru governor says he's ready to be prime minister