Gerald Patrick Hemming
(March 1, 1937-Jan. 29, 2008)

Personal Background
U.S. Army Intelligence data on Hemming, March 28, 1960
Manuel Espinosa accusation that Hemming is a Castro agent (Feb. 5, 1980)
Amplía Espinosa Acusaciones Contra Algunas Personas

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Hemming Letter To FBI
Hemming Radio Interview
Interview With John Kern:  Monday, 9 February 1976
Soldier of fortune gets 35-year term
United States of America vs. Benjamin Franklin Thomas, Gerald Patrick Heming, et. al. No. 76-371-Cr-CA
United States of America vs. Gerald Patrick Hemming, U.S. Court of Appeals, No. 78-5113
One-time Miami soldier of fortune: Gerald Patrick Hemming, 70
Adventurer's life offers look at a bygone Miami