The Miami Herald
June 21, 1963

The Five 'Gun Movers' Face U.S. Grand Jury

Herald Staff Writer

Five American members of once-active anti-Castro organization were bound over to the federal grand jury for possible indictment Thursday after being arrested with an unregistered .45 caliber sub-machine gun.

The five had been picked up Wednesday night after agents watched them load a supply of arms into their station wagon under the glare of a porch light.

The men, charged with violation of the national firearms act, still were attempting to raise individual bonds of $1,000 late Thursday.

Customs agents, at a hearing before U.S. Commission. Roger E. Davis, testified they had been tipped the men planned to remove the weapons from the home of Michael Marino, 28, at 5730 NW 113th Ter. Agents had the house under surveillance for two days before the arrests, they said.

Wednesday afternoon, according to the testimony, agents standing across the street watched through the picture window of Marino's home as the men gathered and inspected the weapons cache.

The four were identified after their arrest. as Joseph C. Garman, 33, of 128 SW Eighth St.; Roy H. Hargraves, 23, of 4170 SW Eighth St.; Justin Wilson, 26, and James Lewis, 30. Neither Wilson nor Lewis have permanent addresses.

Customs agents identified the men as members of the Penetration Force, a group formed by Gerald Patrick Hemming.

Wednesday night, the federal investigators said, the men returned to the home and made 20 to 25 trips from the house loading their station wagon with arms.

They were arrested minutes after they had pulled away from Marino's home.

Earlier in the evening the four Americans, police said, had gone to the home of another Cuban, Carlos Zarraga, at 2954 SW 16th Ter. and attempted to cart off another small arsenal.

Zarraga refused to give them the guns which included .75 and .20 millimeter cannons, recoilless rifles, carbines and handguns and the men left, heading for the Marino house. Customs officials later confiscated the Zarraea arms cache.