Elian Gonzalez Case


November 1999
11 Cubans Feared Dead Off Florida Coast (The New York Times, November 26, 1999)
5-year-old found on inner tube (The Miami Herald, November 25, 1999)
Three Who Survived Sinking Won't Be Sent Back to Cuba (The New York Times, November 27, 1999)

December 1999
Funeral Held for 7 Cubans Who Drowned (LA Times, December 5, 1999)
Castro demands U.S. return Cuban refugee boy (CNN, December 5, 1999)
Castro raises stakes in custody battle over boy (MSNBC, December 6, 1999)
Castro Ultimatum (The Miami Herald, December 6, 1999)
Cuba Impatient for Return of Rescued Boy, Castro Says (The New York Times, December 6, 1999)
Boy turns 6 amid Cuban-U.S. custody battle (CNN, December 6, 1999)
Amid U.S.-Cuba Storm, Boy Gets a Party (LA Times, December 7, 1999)
Cuban demonstrators demand that U.S. return boy (CNN, December 7, 1999)
Lifesaving moment at sea draws Coast Guard into controversy (The Miami Herald, December 7, 1999)
Clinton Discusses Cuban Boy Custody (The New York Times, December 8, 1999)
"I want to stay," Elian says amid family, media (The Miami Herald, December 8, 1999)
U.S., Cuba tone down rhetoric (MSNBC, December 8, 1999)
Boy might be sent back (The Miami Herald, December 8, 1999)
Clinton Warns Against Politics in Cuban Boy's Case (The Washington Post, December 9, 1999)
Hundreds of thousands again demand Cuban boy's return (CNN, December 9, 1999)
Rafter's case pits family emotion vs. custody law (The Miami Herald, December 9, 1999)
What's Best for Elian Gonzalez (The Washington Post, December 9, 1999)
Clinton: Let courts decide U.S.-Cuba battle for custody (The Miami Herald, December 9, 1999)
Cries for Elian's return ring in Havana's streets, cafes (The Miami Herald, December 10, 1999)
Cuba Longs for a Little Boy (The Washington Post, December 10, 1999)
Cuba plans more protests for boy's return (CNN, December 10, 1999)
Fate, separation altered two Cuban sisters' lives (The Miami Herald, December 10, 1999)
Lawyers file for U.S. asylum for Cuban boy (CNN, December 10, 1999)
Mass demonstrations over Cuban boy spread across communist island (CNN, December 10, 1999)
U.S. reverses policy on returning boy to Cuba (The Washington Times, December 10, 1999)
Agency Takes Step Toward Return of Cuban Boy (New York Times, December 10, 1999)
Elian and father called close despite his parents' divorce (The Miami Herald, December 11, 1999)
Protests stop in Havana day before U.S.-Cuba talks (CNN, December 12, 1999)
Where should rafter boy live? S. Florida split (The Miami Herald, December 12, 1999)
Disney trip to take boy a world away from fuss (The Miami Herald, December 12, 1999)
Clinton to Penelas: 'Alex, what are we going to do' about the boy? (The Miami Herald, December 12, 1999)
Cuban boy's case looms over pending immigration talks (CNN, December 12, 1999)
U.S. officials meet with shipwrecked boy's father (CNN, December 13, 1999)
The deadly voyage: How it happened (The Miami Herald, December 13, 1999)
At Disney, Elian gets to be a kid again (The Miami Herald, December 13, 1999)
Father of 6-year-old Cuban boy expresses hope for his return (CNN, December 14, 1999)
U.S. says Elian's father confused about meeting (The Miami Herald, December 14, 1999)
Report on 6-year-old Cuban boy under high-level review (CNN, December 15, 1999)
Castro: U.S. Destroys Boy's Identity (Los Angeles Times, December 15, 1999)
El humor cubano se burla de Papá Fidel (El Nuevo Herald, 16 de diciembre de 1999)
Reno seeks decision in Cuban boy's case before end of month (CNN, December 16, 1999)
Cuba rekindles anti-U.S. protests over boat boy (CNN, December 20, 1999)
Helms says he aims to offer U.S. citizenship to Elian Gonzalez (CNN, December 23, 1999)
Cuban boy becomes Castro's political poster child (CNN, December 25, 1999)
For Cuban Boy, 6, a Christmas Outpouring Miami Adopts Child at Center of Tussle Between United States and Castro (The Washington Post, Saturday, December 25, 1999, p. A22)