Colombia Politics

Guerrilla movements

Vibrations of the Collective: The Popular Ideology of Gaitanismo on Colombia's Atlantic Coast, 1944-1948 The Hispanic American Historical Review, Volume 76, Issue 2 (May, 1996),283-311.

Change of fortunes for Colombian leader
Colombia's Pastrana, Clinton sign anti-drug pact
Colombia's Pastrana: U.S. is politicizing drug war
For Colombian leader, U.S. visit about peace
Kid power: Colombian youths vie for Nobel Prize
?Mataron a Gait?n . . . !
'New era' in U.S.-Colombia ties spotlights concern
Pastrana perdona a hombre que le secuestro en 1988
Presidencia colombiana `fue v?ctimade brujer?a'
President-elect, rebels agree to talk in Colombia
U.S. pledges help for Colombian peace bid

Colombia lawmakers rack up huge bill on phone sex
Colombian leader takes new stance on Cuba ties
Interview with President Andres Pastrana (Sept. 22, 1999)

Behind Colombia's Election Hoopla, Rebels Wield Power
Colombia faces deepening political crisis
Colombia Holds Elections, for the Most Part Peaceably
Colombia opposition chief quits as political chaos grows
Colombian president's fortunes reverse

Colombians running for presidency shun guerrillas' blessing
Corruption's Her Story; Colombia Doesn't Like It
A Hawk's Candidacy Gains in Besieged Colombia

A Lighthearted Candidate in Colombia Gives a Lift to the Left
Colombian elections show gains for get-tough presidential hopeful
Colombian Voters Veer to the Right in Congressional Election
Colombians vote for new congress
Colombians vote for new Congress
Colombia's kidnapped candidate
Defying Threats, Colombians Cast Ballots
Driven by Security Fears, Colombians Head to the Polls
Ocaso de la pol?tica tradicional en Colombia
Colombian leader ending term without peace
Security tightened for Colombian election
S. Florida influences Colombian election
Violence Mars Colombia Race

Report: U.S. OKs Colombia Vote Amendment
Congresistas reciben pistolas en Colombia