Augusto Pinochet





The Accuser of Pinoghet Spells Out the Charges
Amnistía Internacional pide arresto de Pinochet
And After Pinochet?
'Bewildered' Pinochet Vows to Fight 'With All My Spirit'
Britain Arrests Chile's Pinochet
British Court Rules Against Pinochet; Govenrment Must
Decide on Extradition
Chile Grapples With Pinochet Crisis
Chile's Pinochet says he had 'nothing to do' with rights abuses
Chile protests Pinochet arrest in London
Court Orders New Pinochet Hearings
English Court Rules Pinochet Should Be Free
France Seeks Arrest of Chile's Pinochet
Immunity law protects Castro
Kin of Chile's terror victims rejoice
Only Chile Can Judge Me, Pinochet Tells Court
Pinochet judge in charity flap
Pinochet lawyers attack judge's links to Amnesty International
Pinochet miscalculated Britain's hospitality
Pinochet reportedly invited to London by defense ministry
Pinochet wins first appeal in extradition case
Pinochet's Arrest Revives Buried Fears in Chile
Protesting Pinochet Ruling, Chile Recalls London Envoy
Spanish, British sites targeted
Spanish Judge Hopes to See Secret Files in U.S.
Spain Widens Charges Against Pinochet as He Signals He'll Fight Extradition
Struggle surrounding arrest of Pinochet may split successors
Tensions Heightened in Chile Over Pinochet's Arrest
Thousands in Chile demand Pinochet's release
Uneasy U.S. torn over Pinochet case
Untrustworthy Britain kidnapped me, Pinochet says
U.S. officials: Evidence lacking on Pinochet
U.S. Weighs Move to Try Pinochet
U.S. Will Release Files on Crimes Under Pinochet
Cambodia's Leader Says Top Khmer Rouge Defectors Will Be Spared

Britain Decides to Let the Pinochet Extradition Case Proceed
Britain's ``Iron Lady'' defends Pinochet
British Court Rules Pinochet Extraditable for Trial in Spain
Court hears torture allegations against Pinochet
Former U.S. President Bush urges Pinochet release
In Chile, Opponents and Supporters View Ruling as a Victory
Kissinger supports release of Pinochet
Law Lords in London Open Rehearing of Pinochet Case
Pinochet Arrest Upheld, but Most Charges Are Discarded
Pinochet's fate in hands of British lords
Trial Opens for Pinochet With Listing of 35 Crimes
U.S. Releases Files on Abuses in Pinochet Era

A New Drive Gathers Steam to Avert Trial for Pinochet
Argentina seeks Pinochet's extradition in 1974 murder
Britain's High Court Supports Move to Release Pinochet
British Court Orders Disclosure of Pinochet's Medical Records
Chile Places Pinochet Under House Arrest
Chilean Court to Rule on Wednesday on Pinochet
Chilean Court Voids Pinochet Indictment, House Arrest
Detention seen as a crucial rights case
Doubting Pinochet Is Unfit, Spaniard Calls for 2d Opinion
Hero's welcome greets Pinochet in Chile
High Court Voids Charges for Pinochet; Sets New Date
Human rights groups want second opinion on Pinochet's health
If Pinochet Goes Home, an Official Welcome Won't Be Waiting
In Chile, Democracy Depends on a Delicate Balance
Intricate maneuvers led to the release
Medical Report Cites Pinochet 'Brain Damage'
Pinochet Arrest Order Suspended for Court Review of Indictment
Pinochet Case Reviving Voices of the Tortured
Pinochet Indicted on Kidnapping Charges
Pinochet Is Ruled Unfit for a Trial
Pinochet Judge Gets Appeals Court Order
Pinochet greeted by cheers in Chile
Pinochet Moves to Home on the Chilean Coast
Pinochet released to return to Chile
Pinochet Reportedly Stripped of Immunity in Secret Court Vote
Pinochet Ruled No Longer Immune From Prosecution
Pinochet Steps Into Uproar
Pinochet Wins Round in Court
President-Elect Deplores Pinochet Welcome
Spanish Newspapers Disclose Secret Pinochet Health Report
Vatican secretary of state says Pinochet should be sent home

Chile's Effort to Try Pinochet Is Running Out of Steam
Court in Chile Rules Against Trial for Pinochet
Judge Reinstates Pinochet Case With New Order for House Arrest
Secret UK deal freed Pinochet
Tables Turn in Spain on Pinochet Accuser

Ex-dictator had millions in U.S. bank
Pinochet Continues to Haunt Chile's Civilian Government
Chile denuncia a Pinochet
Pinochet Loses Immunity in Chile
Who's behind Pinochet's millions? Judge looking
Analysts: Pinochet can delay justice
Judge Questions Pinochet About Killings Under His Rule
Pinochet Faces Tax Charges in Chile
Pinochet Loses Immunity in '74 Slaying
Judge Declares Pinochet Fit to Face Human Rights Charges
Pinochet hospitalized after having a stroke

Pinochet Entangled in Web of Inquiries
Pinochet Held on Charges Linked to Bank Accounts
New Pinochet charges lead to house arrest

Gen. Augusto Pinochet, who ruled -- and repressed -- Chile, is dead
Augusto Pinochet, Who Ruled Chile, Dies at 91