Black Confederates

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      Lt. Andrew Chandler, 44th Mississippi, and Silas Chandler, his
      companion and former slave.
  Marlboro, manservant to Maj. Raleigh
  Camp, 40th Ga. Inf.



Lt. Gen. John Pemberton Papers, Jan.-Feb. 1863, National Archives

         Confederate pickets seen by a Union officer at
       Fredericksburg, Va., 1862.

                                Black cooks in Confederate camp near Charleston, S.C.

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Diary of Lewis H. Steiner, M.D., Inspector of the Sanitary Commission, During the Rebel Occupation of Frederick, MD., Sept. 10, 1862

Bergeron, Jr., Arthur W. Free Men of Color in Grey, Civil War History, Sept. 1986

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Charles Benger a Colored Musician, Macon Volunteers 2nd GA company, Macon Telegraph, July 28, 1862, 4

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A Faithful Slave Seeking the Body of his Master on the Battlefield, Richmond Examiner, May 31, 1862, 2

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Gen. Thomas Jordan to Brig. Gen. Hugh W. Mercer, Nov. 4, 1862, sending Negro man into the camp of the enemy at Port Royal
Slave David Johnson rewarded for his spy services in the enemy's lines at Hilton Head, Feb. 24-27, 1863
Letter of Thomas R. S. Elliott to sister Emmie Elliott, Nov. 13, 1863, regarding slave Diria leaving Yankees in Beaufort and returning to his master William Habersham

Robert Smalls says that 6,000 negroes are behind Savannah batteries and 20,000 in Charleston forts, Hartford Daily Courant, March 3, 1863, 2
Wallace Burn letter to his master, Aug. 25, 1863, regarding dangerous work on Fort Sumter

Establishment of a hospital for invalid Negroes in Confederate military service, Montgomery, Alabama (Jan. 24, 1865)

South Carolina Rewards Negroes Faithful to Masters in Civil War (New York Times, March 8, 1923)
South Carolina's African American Confederate Pensioners 1923-1925
South Carolina Department of Archives and History
African American Confederate Pension Correspondence:
South Carolina Governor Thomas Gordon McLeod Papers (1923-1927)
Alphabetical Files, Box 1
Dennis Conwell, March 17, 1923
James Madison, March 19, 1923
Rev. J. A. Gary, March 22, 1923
Archie Jefferson, March 22, 1923
Morris Roberson, March 25, 1923
Robert Brown, March 30, 1923
Harriett Linder, March 30, 1923
Butler Bell, April 3, 1923
Florilla Irby, April 26, 1923
Green Brannon, May 13, 1923
Jessie Bol, June 6, 1923
William Paden, June 21, 1923
G. Robinson, Aug. 5, 1923
Willieby Houst, Aug. 11, 1923
L. C. Speers, Nov. 23, 1923 (New York Times reporter)