Human Rights in Argentina

Amnesty International
Human Rights Watch
U.S. Department of State (2005)
Human Rights in Argentina
The Politics of Memory: The Human Rights Movement and the Construction of Democracy in Argentina Latin American Perspectives, (Spring, 1994),38-58.
Detention and torture of Gwenda Loken Lopez (April 30, 1976)
Detention and interrogation of Elida Messina (May 24, 1976)

Argentina minister says Dirty War 'closed chapter'
Jacobo Timerman, chronicler of Argentina's 'dirty war' abuses, dies at 76
Keeping the memories alive
Pinochet judge issues warrants against Argentine junta members

Albright to Try to Shed Light on Missing Argentine Children
Argentina to help find bodies of Jewish dissidents
Argentine Congress bars Dirty War general
Argentine human rights group hails arrests of retired military officers
Argentine Jews ask Israel for help in recovering bodies from 'dirty war'
Argentine president apologizes for country's reputation as Nazi haven
Trial of Argentina's 'Dirty War' soldiers to open in Italy
Wide Net in Argentine Torture Case
New Argentine President Orders Purge of 'Dirty War' Remnants

Argentina rejects 'Dirty War' extradition requests
Argentine Amnesty Overturned
Bonafini en racha de improperios
Los aplausos al terrorismo

Argentina's 'dirty war' hounding Kissinger
U.S. Releases 1980's Files on Repression in Argentina

Now the Dirtiest of Wars Won't Be Forgotten
Argentina 'Dirty War' baby buries dad he never met
Judge Orders Officers Freed
Argentina Revisits 'Dirty War': Will General Be Tried?
Mayor-elect held in probe

'I was one of Argentina's stolen babies'
Argentina Convicts 2 for Theft of Babies
Debate Rises in Argentina on Museum of Abuses
Back in Argentina, Priest Faces 'Dirty War' Charges
Argentines Criticize Investigation of '94 Attack
5 acquitted in Jewish center bombing

'Dirty War' suspect hospitalized in Spain
'Dirty War' protesters' remains found

Argentine ex-generals guilty of 'dirty war' death

Argentina forces dirty war orphans to provide DNA