The Miami Herald
November 2, 1999

Pinochet judge issues warrants against Argentine junta members

 Madrid, Nov 2 --(EFE)-- Crusading Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzon on Tuesday
 issued arrest warants against two former Argentine presidents and 96 other senior
 military and civilian officials under the juntas that ruled Argentina between 1976
 and 1983.

 Former presidents Jorge Videla and Leopoldo Galtieri and former Navy
 Commander in Chief Emilio Massera top the list of 98 Argentine citizens Garzon
 wants to put on trial in Spain on charges of genocide, torture and terrorism.

 Garzon's bid to indict former Chilean strongman Augusto Pinochet under a
 Spanish law that allows for alleged human rights violations to be tried in Spain
 regardless of when or where they took place, was upheld by his colleagues on
 Spain's High Court.

 As a result, Pinochet has been held in police custody for over a year in London
 while his appeal against the Spanish government's extradition request makes its
 way through the British courts.

 Relatives of some of the 30,000 people believed to have been murdered in the
 ``dirty war'' waged by the Argentine military to purge the country of leftist
 sympathizers first asked Garzon to hear their case in 1996.