Aldo Vera Serafin
(July 28, 1928-Oct. 25, 1976)

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    Ramon Barquin, Aldo Vera (3rd from right),
    Armando Hart (2nd from right), in Camp
    Columbia, Jan. 1959.
Before murdering Vera, his killers
punctured his car's right front tire.

     San Juan condominium parking were a
     bomb blamed on Vera exploded on Oct.
     23, 1976. 
     P.R. police blamed Vera for placing a
     bomb under a car that maimed two

    Policeman Miguel Candelaria lost his
    arms dismantling a bomb blamed on
    Aldo Vera.
     Policeman Manuel de Jesus Caban
     lost his arms and partial sight in
     bomb blast.


Exile's Slaying called Reprisal
Tuvo que ver Cuba con el Asesinato de Aldo Vera? (Cronica Grafica, 1988)
$94.6M awarded in Cuban man's slaying