Luis Andres Vargas Gomez
(May 14, 1915-Jan. 13, 2003)

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Andres Vargas Gomez with stepchildren
Margaret and Calixto Sanchez Whyte,
wife Helen Whyte (left, standing) and
Federico and Amparo Laredo,
City Park, New Orleans, May 2, 1937

    Helen Whyte de Vargas, Margaret Sanchez Whyte
    and Vargas, Miramar Yatch Club, Havana, 1951.
   Calixto amd Margaret Sanchez, Helen Whyte, Vargas, Elena Escarpentier,
   baptism of Calixto Jr., Iglesia del Vedado, May 18, 1952

      Vargas, Javier Souto, Margaret Sanchez, and his cousin Gloria Gomez Izaguirre.
     January 1985

Arrival in Key West, Dec. 17, 1935
Arrival in Key West, Dec. 17, 1935

The Key West Citizen, Feb. 14, 1936, 4
Arrival in Miami from Havana, Pan American Airways, Sept. 10, 1936

Tulane University transcript 1937

Sept. 20, 1953
Sept. 3, 1954

Nov. 2, 1955
May 29, 1956

Dec. 15, 1956
Dec. 15, 1956

Andres Vargas Gomez mini autobiography
Andres Vargas Gomez curriculum vitae
Marriage to Helen Small Whyte, January 3, 1934
Marriage to Maria Teresa Catalina de la Campa Roff, February 1, 1960
U.S. Embassy Havana, Despatch 1367, March 4, 1953 (Transmitting Copy of Draft Proposed Decree Covering Nicaro Operation as Amended by the Cuban Ministry of State; Andres Vargas Gomez)

Assistant Treasurer of Democratic National Union of Cuba, Inc., Oct. 10, 1960
Andres Vargas Gomez to Jorge Mas Canosa, April 15, 1991
Andres Vargas Gomez petition for membership in Brigade 2506, Sept. 23, 1991