United States-Colombia Relations

Colombia challenges CIA report on drugs
Colombian Leader Says U.S. Won't Be Drawn Into War
Plan to Strengthen Colombia Nudges U.S. For $3.5 Billion
U.S. Army medics treat Colombia's sick
U.S. Plans Big Aid Package to Rally a Reeling Colombia
U.S. worry No. 1: Colombia

Albright upbeat on aid in drug war
Clinton Plans a Day Trip to Bolster Colombia
Clinton Pledges To Keep U.S. Out Of Colombia War
Clinton Says Aid Proposal Is Urgent for Colombia Drug Effort
Colombia urges review of global war on drugs
Colombian Asks Congress for Aid Not Tied to Human Rights
Colombian president: Aid package will help battle corruption
Colombians seek extended stay in U.S.
House Panel Approves Aid to Bolster a Faltering Colombia
In Visit to Colombia, Clinton Defends U.S. Outlay
Lott Assures Colombian President on $1.6 Billion to Fight Drugs
Rebels in Colombia Warn U.S. to Avoid Front-Line Combat
Senate OKs $1 billion in Colombia anti-drug aid
Troubles Build as Colombians Await New Aid
U.S. Antidrug Plan to Aid Colombia Is Facing Hurdles
U.S. Drug Czar Reassures Colombia on Aid
U.S. funds to fight drugs are needed now, Colombian leader says
U.S. Weighs Expanding Aid Plan to Colombia's Neighbors
With Roses, an Ambassador Polishes Colombia's Image

Asking for Aid, Colombians Cite Terror; U.S. Demurs
Checking drug war progress, U.S. group visits rebel zone
Colombia needs additional aid, U.S. visitors say
Colombia to Ask Bush For Additional Funds
Colombian Deal With Rebels Is Vexing U.S.
Colombian Governors Protest U.S.-Backed Spraying of Coca
Colombian governors slam U.S.-backed drug-offensive
Confirman que en Colombia se hacen los d?lares falsos m?s verdaderos del mundo
Powell Plans Reassurances Over U.S. Aid to Colombia
Role of U.S. Companies in Colombia Is Questioned
U.S. Delegation Arrives in Colombia
U.S. expanding Plan Colombia into regional Andean plan
U.S. group arrives in Colombia to review drug policy
U.S. Reassesses Colombia Aid
U.S. Tells Colombia to Improve Rights Record Before It Gets Aid

Administration Shifts Focus on Colombia Aid
Bush administration backs Pastrana
Clinton backs more military aid for Colombia
Colombian Aid Limits Reviewed
Colombia Seeks More U.S. Aid for a Broader War
Colombian Rebels Are Indicted as Terrorists
Lawmakers Dispute Report Linking IRA, Colombia Guerrillas
Leader seeks U.S. refuge for Colombians
New Role for U.S. in Colombia: Protecting a Vital Oil Pipeline
Pastrana calls for more U.S. military aid
Powell Says U.S. Will Increase Military Aid for Colombia
Terror fight moves to the fore in U.S.-Colombia talks
2 Colombians Extradited in Kidnappings
$2 Million in U.S. Aid Is Missing From Colombian Police Fund
Unlimited Military Aid Sought for Colombia
U.S., Citing Better Human Rights, Allows Aid to Colombia Military
U.S. considers options to assist Colombia
U.S. Delays Some Aid for Colombia
U.S. Expects a Wider War on Two Fronts in Colombia
U.S. eyes bigger role in Colombia
U.S. Eyes Shift in Colombia Policy
U.S. law bars giving Colombians data
U.S. May End Curbs On Aid to Colombia
U.S. may up ante in Colombia
U.S. moves toward counter-insurgency aid to Colombia
U.S. prods Uribe on drug war
U.S. role in war on rebels limited
U.S. Says Colombia's Progress on Military Abuses Clears the Path for Aid
U.S. stops anti-drug payments to Colombia
U.S. Strategy in Colombia Connects Drugs and Terror
U.S. Supports Colombian on Ultimatum to Rebels
U.S. to Broaden Aid for Colombia's Fight Against Rebels
U.S. to Explore Aid to Colombia, Citing Threat of Terrorism


Secretary Powell and Pres. Uribe

Colombian politicians criticize U.S.
U.S. adds to military presence in Colombia
US focus in Colombia expands from drugs to oil
U.S. Moves Closer to Colombia's War


Presidents stress war on drugs
Uribe sees Bush, hopes aid follows
Has U.S. aid benefited Colombia?
Colombia makes case to keep U.S. aid
Congress Approves Doubling U.S. Troops in Colombia to 800
Bush to visit Colombia today to discuss war on drugs
Bush calls drug war 'vital'
Bush, in Colombia, Promises More Aid
Bush in Colombia to focus on drug war
Bush hails Colombia's efforts against drug trade


Bush Sends Congress Colombia Trade Pact
Bush sends Colombia trade deal to Congress
Democrats Stall Trade Pact With Colombia
McCain uses Colombia trip to court Latino support
Improve Human Rights, McCain Tells Colombian

US certifies Colombia's rights record