Guerrillas in Peru

Sendero Luminoso / Shining Path





Augusta la Torre, Guzman's first wife.

    Elena Iparraguirre and Abimael Guzman at the funeral of Augusta la Torre,
    Sendero's second-in-command, in 1989.
Senderistas hail their leader "President Gonzalo."


Abimael Guzman, alias President Gonzalo

Elena Iparraguirre and Abimael Guzman in court.


Abimael Guzman, founder and leader of the Shining Path guerrilla movement,
right and Elena Iparraguirre Revoredo his cellmate and longtime aide and
lover, rest at Naval Base in Callao in Sept, 2004.

Maritza Garrido
Garrido sentenced to 20 years in prison for hiding Guzman


Sendero in Ayacucho in 2003


Self-defense Rondas Campesinas fought against Sendero Luminoso.