Roosevelt Roads Naval Station closed March 31, 2004

Map of Vieques

Congressman asks Reno to act against Vieques protesters
First lady at odds with Pentagon over Puerto Rican bombing range
Generations have opposed U.S. war games on Puerto Rican island
Group to Train Puerto Ricans in Civil Disobedience
Hillary Clinton Vieques stand is watched
How a tiny Puerto Rican island provoked presidential action
Navy bombs caused cancer, islanders say
Persian Gulf-bound troops to train on Vieques
Politicians demand Navy stop bombing Puerto Rican island
Puerto Rican leader willing to deal
Puerto Rico assumes key military role
Renewed practice bombing in Puerto Rico recommended
Rights group urges U.S. Navy to end bombing on Puerto Rico island
University students protest U.S. military presence in Puerto Rico
U.S. bombing range under political fire
Vieques protesters brave elements, unexploded bombs on beach
Vieques vigil a quagmire
War games issue stirs Puerto Rican protest

Dawn Sweep Planned at Puerto Rican Base
Discord as Puerto Ricans contemplate U.S. Navy bombings of island
Federal Agents Clear Puerto Rican Bombing Range of Protesters
Federal Authorities Said to Be Preparing to Rout Protesters on Vieques
Island Showdown
Lawmaker cautions U.S. about evicting Puerto Rico bombing range protesters
Massachusetts native an unlikely leader for Puerto Rican anti-Navy protesters
Navy arrests 9 people on Puerto Rican bombing range
Navy Bombing Range Deal Reached
Navy destroyers begin shelling Vieques target range
Navy finishes training exercises on Vieques
Navy resumes use of disputed Puerto Rican bombing range
Navy Protest Intensifies
Navy ships resume Vieques bombing
New Yorkers Stand Out in Protests Over Vieques
Protesters Arrested on Vieques Bombing Range
Puerto Rican independence leader detained inside Navy range
Tens of thousands march in Puerto Rico to protest Navy bombing
U.S. carries out war maneuvers across Vieques
U.S. Navy in control of Vieques after federal agents remove protesters
U.S. Navy under fire for presence on Puerto Rican island Vieques
U.S. Prepares to Clear Vieques Range Demonstrators
Puerto Rico reaches deal with Navy to resume training exercises
Veterans return medals in protest over Puerto Rican bombing range
Vieques bombing range protesters arrested
Vieques clash back on front burner
Vieques protester arrested
Vieques protesters evicted

Clash over bombing site turns violent in Vieques
Ferrer to Go to Puerto Rico to Join Protest of Navy Bombings
Flares fired at U.S. Navy copter off Vieques
Governor Gets Support on Vieques Stance
Governor reaffirms vow to halt Vieques maneuvers
Group Urges End to Vieques Bombing
Navy Bombing of Vieques to Resume
Navy, Marine chiefs seek live-fire Vieques training
Navy To Resume Exercises on Vieques
Pro-Navy residents want Vieques to secede
Protests Again Hinder Navy Training Exercise
Puerto Rican professor on hunger strike after arrest on Vieques
Puerto Rico anxiously awaits its freedom
Puerto Rico Embraces Vote on Future of Vieques
Puerto Rico fears live-fire training may resume on Vieques
Puerto Rico links heart damage to U.S.
Puerto Rico asks EU to include Vieques
Republicans hit Bush move on Vieques
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Sentenced to Jail for Vieques Protest
Rove played a major role in Vieques move
Sen. Clinton in Puerto Rico in support of Vieques protesters
Seven more protesters are arrested in Vieques
Sharpton Headed to U.S. Prison
Sharpton in Jail for Vieques Protest
3 Vieques Protesters Emerge From Prison
U.S. Navy Bombs, Shells Rain on Vieques Island As Protests Continue
U.S. Navy pushes back Vieques vote over two months
U.S. Navy resumes bombing exercises on Vieques
Vieques Protests Lose Momentum
Vieques protesters pledge more resistance, trying to stop Navy
Vieques Residents Differ Over Attacks
Vieques Turns Into a Symbol of Discontent
Vote in Vieques Tells Navy Island Wants Bombing Halted

Navy clashes with Vieques protesters
Navy resumes bombing exercises in Puerto Rico
Probe Urged After Vieques Tear-Gassing
U.S. to Resume Vieques Exercises
Vieques Navy-test protests renewed
Vieques petition moved to federal court


Alberto de Jesus Mercado               P.R. flag over Vieques.
unfurls flag of Vieques.

Drastic cutbacks at U.S. Navy base
La fiesta fue un caos
Navy Leaves a Battered Island, and Puerto Ricans Cheer
U.S. Coast Guard patrolling Caribbean shores
Vieques celebrates Navy's departure

U.S. Navy base closure affects 'a lot of people'
Roosevelt Roads cesa operaciones
Navy closes its last base in Puerto Rico
In Puerto Rican Town, Navy Is History, the Future Hazy
Más de 2,300 boricuas activos en la guerra