Luis Alberto Crespo del Valle

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  In the hospital after the accident, March 20, 1974
Imprisoned in Belle Glade Correctional Institution, Florida, 1975

Speaking at a rally at Miami City Hall in 1980
Broadcasting program in 2004




Latins give $12,000 to exile bomb makers (Miami News, April 2, 1974)
Wounded pair sends 'combat' message (Miami News, April 5, 1974)
Two injured Cubans freed of explosives charge (Miami News, July 6, 1974)
Maurice Ferre Recommendation (Letter, Sept. 3, 1974)
Bomb charge dropped against 1 of 3 exiles (Miami Herald, Sept. 5, 1974)
Bomb expert ends testimony (Miami News, Sept. 5, 1974)
Terrorist arrested, partner skipped bail (Miami News, Oct. 3, 1974)

Anuncio Flotilla Pro-Libertad de Cuba, Julio 18, 1992
Luis Alberto Crespo ante la Comision del Condado Dade, Marzo 5, 1996

Luis Alberto Crespo despide el duelo en el funeral de Gustavo Castillo, Agosto 10, 2010
Almuerzo Patriotico Cubano: Finca La Media Luna, Oct. 2013