John Anthony Quitman
(Sept. 1, 1798-July 17, 1858)

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Biographical Directory of the U.S. Congress
The National Cyclopedia of American Biography
John Anthony Quitman
John Anthony Quitman (Aztec Club)
Lopez and Gonzales letter to Quitman: March 17, 1850
Gonzales letter to Quitman: April 5, 1850
Quintero letter to John Quitman, Jan. 27, 1855
John A. Quitman and His Slaves: Reconciling Slave Resistance with the Proslavery Defense (Robert E. May)
John A. Quitman and the Southern Martial Spirit (Robert E. May)
"The Quitman Movement for Cuba," (New York Herald, Feb. 10, 1858)