Christmas 2008
Christmas 2009

Chinese New Year 2009 Chiputra Mall
Chinese New Year 2009 Taman Anggrek Mall
Dutch Colonial Structures
Monas National Monument
Museum Pengkhianatan PKI (Komunis)
National Museum
Panorama of Jakarta
Ragunan Zoo
School Children Flying Kites
Street Vendors
Street Urchins
Student Demonstration
Taman Anggrek Mall and Condominium
Taman Mini
Trisakti University
Welcome Circle


Barack Hussein Obama statue, Taman Menteng Park, Jakarta
Barack Hussein Obama home and school
Menteng students overjoyed with Obama's win
Jakarta celebrates the Menteng Kidís victory
World: Will the real Barack Obama please stand up?
Owner of Obama's house passes away

Obama visit, March 2010
US agents begin preparations for Obamaís homecoming visit
Borobudur on the menu for Obama visit


Borobudur Elephant Ride
Borobudur Temple
Indonesian Democratic Party Rally, Jogyakarta
Indonesia University
Kalasan Temple
Mendut Temple
Musical Instruments
Prambanan Temple
Sewu Temple
Sultan's Palace (Kraton)

Bali Museum
Besakih Temple
Cremation Ceremony
Hotel Intan Bali
Jagatnatha Temple
Kite Ceremony
Maospahit Temple
Rice fields

Rupiah Exchange
The Jakarta Post
Chinese-Indonesians continue to suffer from discrimination
Crisis in Indonesia (The New York Times)
Indonesia's Fragile Democracy (The New York Times)
Elections in Indonesia (Oct. 1999)
Anger With Leadership Style Fed Indonesian Censure Vote
Fears of Sorcerers Spur Killings in Java
For Indonesia, Solvency Is Political
U.S. State Department -- Indonesia Travel Warning
Indonesia Cracks Down on Separatists in Irian Jaya
Indonesian Fires 4 Ministers In Frantic Bid to Stay in Office
Indonesian Justice Run Amok
Indonesian Leader to Visit Separatist Region
Indonesia Parliament Censures Wahid
Indonesian Parliament Approves Motion to Impeach President
Indonesia's President Reportedly Threatens State of Emergency
Indonesian Village Is Caught Between Worlds Very Far Apart
Indonesia's Chinese Win a Happy New Year at Last
Indonesia's Presidential Flash in the Pan
Indonesia Is Still in Precarious Shape
It's Ramadan. School Is Out. Quick, the Earplugs!
Mega urged to do more to end discrimination
Polygamy: The ties that bind
Religious scholars back interfaith marriage
Scandals Sully Indonesian Leader's Reform Image
Seasoning Fans Religious Tension in Indonesia
U.S. Braces for Trouble in Indonesia as Relations Rupture
Police place snipers on East Java crime-prone highway