U.S. Intervention 
in Haiti
(March 2004)

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     U.S. Marine Gen. Tom Hill, left, and French Army General
     Henry Clement-Bollee walk into the the VIP room at the Port
     Au Prince airport. French, U.S., Canadian and Chilean troops
     have arrived in Haiti to help stabilize the country
     U.S. Marines and French forces patrol with Haitian Special
     Forces on March 4, 2004, in downtown Port-au-Prince, where
     banks opened for the first time in more than a week. A man
     riding in the back of a mini-bus watches as troops go by.

   A U.S. Marine, left, along with French soldiers and Haitian
   police patrol the streets of Port-au-Prince, March 5, 2004.

               Haitians took cover in Port-au-Prince on Sunday, March
               7, when shots were fired during a march involving thou-
               sands. In the background are U.S. marines.


     U.S. Marines search for snipers who shot and killed several
     people during an opposition demonstration Sunday, March 7,
     in downtown Port-au-Prince. At least five people were killed,
     including a journalist, and 26 more were wounded when gunmen
     opened fire on an opposition rally near the presidential palace
     in Haiti's capital, medical sources and witnesses said.

    Crowds backing the exiled president Aristide pursued
    U.S. marines in Port-au-Prince on March 8, telling them
    to go away and shouting "You kidnapped our president!"
    and "Aristide, five years!"