U.S. Intervention 
in Haiti
(March 2004)

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      A U.S. Marine guards the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince
      on Feb. 25. The Marines arrived on Feb. 24 to guard the
      embassy and other American property.
     U.S. troops secure the empty airport at Port-au-Prince
     on March 1. Troops were placed near the runway, in
     the terminal, and on the perimeter of the airport.

     U.S. Marine points down the tarmac of the
     international airport in Port-Au-Prince as he
     speaks to another Marine on March 1 after
     the unit took over the airport.
     A U.S. Marine stands guard
     atop a light armored vehicle
     in the lawn of the Presidential
     palace in Port-Au-Prince.

     A U.S. Marine stands guard in front of the National
     Palace as a group of Marines enters the compound.
     U.S. Marines patrol the National Palace in the Haitian
     capital March 1, a day after President Aristide went 
     into exile.


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