Alberto Fujimori





A Wounded Samurai on the Run
An Ex-First Lady's Tough Campaign
Ex-diplomat's citizenship in Japan angers Peru
Former Peruvian agent backs Fujimori's ex-wife on torture allegations
Fujimori an Enigma to the End
Fujimori Blurs Line Between Dictator, Democrat
Fujimori foes find hard going in election race
Fujimori immunity lifted in Peru
Fujimori in Surprise Visit to Washington
Fujimori Is Victor in Peru's Runoff as Protests Grow
Fujimori Is Wined and Dined by Tokyo's Powerful
Fujimori Quits, and Peru Is Split on Successor
Fujimori, the Exile, Repackages His Peruvian Past
Fujimori's Fall: A Nation's Lion to Broken Man
Fujimori's Father Registered Son in Japan
Japan no help with Fujimori, Peru says
Peru Charges Fujimori With Homicide
Peru Congress Approves Prosecution of Fujimori
Peru Ex - Leader's Popularity Falls
Peru Issues Second Fujimori Warrant
Peru Prepares to Indict Fujimori
Peru, Pressing Japan, Issues an Order for Fujimori's Arrest
Peru prosecutor seeks Fujimori arrest, extradition
Peru Says Fujimori Must Be Tried in Lima, Not Japan
Peru's Chief to Seek 3rd Term, Capping a Long Legal Battle
Peru's Former President, in New Life in Japan, Defends His Past
Peru's Fujimori could face challenge from former First Lady
Peru's president accused of illegal campaign ploy
Peru's President, Cheered by Supporters, Vows to Stay in Office Until Next Summer
Peru's President, Short of Majority, Now Faces Runoff
Peru to court Japan over Fujimori at APEC summit
Peruvian Congress formally accuses Fujimori
Shady Tactics Said to Cloud Fujimori's Future, No Matter How Peruvians Vote
Slipping in Polls, Fujimori Courts Peru's Indians
Stepping Down
Surprise! Before He's Even Gone, Fujimori May Be Planning His Comeback
Tokio sabía desde 1997 que Fujimori era japonés
Tokyo warns Japanese travelling in Peru

Interpol Issues a Wanted Notice for Peru's Former President


An Ex-President of Peru Plots His Return

Fujimori arrested in Chile
Ex-Peruvian leader arrested in Chile
Ex-Peruvian leader denied bid for freedom
No pensó en ser capturado
Massacres could doom Fujimori's legal case
Extradition for Fujimori clouded by legal changes

Jailed ex-Peruvian leader Fujimori weds

Fujimori sent back to Peru to face charges
Chileans Order Peruís Ex-Chief Home for Trial
As Ex-President Faces Trial, a Reckoning for Peru

In Peru, Former Leader's Lengthy Human Rights Trial Nears End
Fujimori Gave the Order
Verdict due for Peru's authoritarian antihero
Peruís Ex-President Convicted of Rights Abuses