INS official gets 5 years in spy sting
Canada orders Cuban envoy back home
Condena de 5 años a Faget
Cuba: Espionage charges against U.S. immigration official a 'smoke screen'
Cuba Refuses to Withdraw a Diplomat
Cuba rejects U.S. order to expel diplomat
Cuba turns U.S.-expelled envoy into national hero
Cuba Won't Withdraw Official
Cuban Deported By U.S. Defies Order to Leave Canada
Cuban diplomat expelled over spy link
Cuban Diplomat Forcibly Expelled
Cuban diplomat has links to Elian, spy cases
Cuban diplomat leaves Cuban Embassy under police guard
Cuban Diplomat Relinquishes Immunity
Cuban Diplomat Remains in Canada
Cuban diplomat to go on hunger strike to clear his name
El hombre vinculado a Mariano Faget
Expelled Diplomat Returns to Cuba
Faget defense: Spy case 'outrageous'
Faget: 'Spy' talk was only business
Faget testifies he trusted friend not to reveal secret to Cuban officials
Faget's Cuban business plans detailed
Faget's father was a brutal Batista official
FBI: Faget's contacts were Cuban spies
FBI: Official in INS spied for Cuba
Fiscalía presentará nuevas pruebas en contra de Faget
Judge asked to be lenient in Faget case
Jurors see FBI video of defendant meeting with Cuban diplomat at hotel
FBI Sting at INS Found an Unlikely Cuban Spy Suspect
FBI urged Faget to cooperate
FBI: We stalked 2 Cuban officials
I sought business ties, Faget testifies
I.N.S. Official Is Charged With Spying for Cuba
I.N.S. Official Is Convicted on Charges of Espionage
INS official pleads not guilty in Cuba spy case
INS suspect in FBI sting to remain in prison until trial begins
Immigration Official Charged as Spy for Cuban Government
N.Y. contact of alleged spy denies giving Cuba secrets
Official With INS Convicted Of Spying
Spy suspect defends disclosing secrets
Spy suspect says he talked business
U.S.: Cuba spy charges overstated
U.S. Expels Cuban Diplomat Who Is Linked to Spy Case