Cuban immigration to U.S. up
Faster Boats Carry Cubans, Haitians to Florida
Immigrant smuggling a burgeoning trade
U.S.-Florida pact targets illegal mass migration
Operation Peter Pan Wasn't Political

CUBA: Tiny village is jumping-off point for trip by fast boat to Biscayne Bay
MIAMI: Smugglers pledge second trip if first attempt is intercepted
A desperate dash: Coast Guard criticized after 6 refugees tro to swim for Florida shore
Cayman Islands: Refugee return accord with Cuba announced
Coast Guard sends back 22 more Cuban refugees
Cuba announces restrictions on return visits by illegal emigrants
Cuba cracks down on illegal boat building and traffic
Cuba jails U.S. residents for immigrant smuggling
Cuba toughens policy on refugees
Cuban detainees' jail time served for previous crimes
Cuban ex-convicts in legal limbo
Cubans: Agents abused us
Cubans: Take us back to U.S. base
Cuba's New Refugees: Rafts Are Out, Hiring Smugglers Is In
Deal with hostage-takers allows them to return to Cuba
54 Inmates Leave as Jail Standoff Continues
Force used on immigration not called for in training
Inmate still being held got safe-passage pledge
Inmates hold other prisoners hostage at jail
Jail crisis ends
Louisiana jail hostage standoff enters fourth day
Louisiana jail standoff ends
Miami Cubans Are Outraged at Treatment of 6 Migrants
Order expands rights to new Cuban immigrants
Smuggled Cubans picked up on flats in Keys
Smugglers exploit airlines
U.S. cools off exiles' wrath, denies cave-in
U.S. migration policy doesn't deter treacherous journeys
Weather, hard times embolden immigrants
White flag and SWAT officers seen at Louisiana jail standoff

A Plane Cuba Reported Hijacked Crashes Off Florida
Another large migrant group lands in Keys
Coast Guard radio messages show troubled response at sea
Coast Guard responds to exiles: Rafter rescue policy unchanged
Crash survivors can stay in the U.S.
Cuban Crash Survivors Taken to U.S. Hospital
Cuban Boat Immigrants Have Benefited From Cold War-Era Legislation
France sends back Cuban stowaway
Hostage-case prisoner gets 55 years
Life in Cuba is bittersweet for Louisiana jail mutineer
Pursuing a Better Life
Returning Cubans buck the trend
Survivors of air crash reach goal: U.S. soil
2 bodies found in Britain believed to be jet stowaways from Cuba
Two Cuban rafters found dead