The American Civil War
U.S. Colored Troops

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African American troops, Aiken's Landing, Va., 1864.

Paying the teamsters in the Army of the Potomac, 1863.
  Burial detail at Cold Harbor battlefield, 1864.

USCT at an abandoned farmhouse in Dutch Gap, Virginia, 1864.
Hubbard Pryor, enlistment in the 44th USCT, April 7, 1864.

     Black body servant with Union troops in Va., 1863.
     Pvt. William Johnson, 23d USCT, executed for rape, Jordan's
     Farm, Petersburg, Va., June 1864.

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The Black Phalanx

African American Faces of the Civil War: An Album
African Americans and the War: Looking Over Jordan

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DOUGLASS, LEWIS HENRY (Oct. 9, 1840-Sept. 19, 1908)
Lewis H. Douglass biography
Recommendation for discharge, Feb. 23, 1864

SWAILS, STEPHEN ATKINS (Feb. 23, 1832-May 17, 1900)

Stephen Swails 1860 NY census
Wife Sarah Thompson 1860 census
Stephen Swails 1870 SC census
Stephen Swails 1900 death certificate, Kingstree, SC

Record of the Service of the Fifty-Fifth Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry (1868)


54th Massachusetts
Jackson, Pvt. Thomas, Co. A
Jefferson, Pvt. Benjamin, Co. C; H. William Jennings, Co. C; Elias S. Rouse. Co. K

33rd USCT
Butler, Pvt. Thomas, Co. C
Haygood, Pvt. Abraham, Co. B
Patterson, Pvt. Stephen, Co. A
Powell, Pvt. Robert, Co. E
Lee, Peter, Co. F and Samuel Johnson, Co. C
Bland, George, Co. K, Joseph Black, Co. D, Charles Brinzard, Co. A, Davic Bram, Co. C
Carrian, March, Co. D, James Cashman, Co. A, Chance Chaplin, Co. E