Colombian Indigenous People 

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The Emberas.

      A girl carries clothes that she washed in Colombia's
      Atrato River. Encroaching modernity, from logging to
      settlements, threaten the Emberas and other tribes.

     José Dojirama, 45, plants corn in what used to be a
     banana field.
The Jaibanas are the tribal shamans.



Marvilia Marmolejo

Indians and police clash in Colombia over oil-drilling
Malaria ravages indigenous Colombia tribe
U.S. oil company to drill on Colombia land claimed by Indians

Colombian Indians with sticks holding war, drugs at bay
Colombian Tribe Is Threatened by an Encroaching Civil War (Arhuaco)

Colombia reclama a España incalculable tesoro

In a Land Torn by Violence, Too Many Troubling Deaths


Colombian Indians seek security (Arhuaco)