Brazil Politics

Amid economic woes, Brazil re-elects Cardoso
Austerity plan will test Cardoso's popularity
Brazil remembers dark day in military past
Castro visits conservative, upsets Brazilian left
Chico Mendes Legacy Blurs in Brazil´s Bitter Politics
In rural Brazil, vote-buying a time-honored practice

Brazil activist for landless found shot to death
Brazil's new Congress takes oath amid crisis
Congresswoman's slaying no surprise in Brazil's violent state
Gunman kills Brazilian mayor
Joao Figueiredo, military ruler who opened Brazil to democracy, dies at 81

A Leftist Wins São Paulo Race in Runoff Vote
Brazilian land reform movement leader acquitted on murder charges
Brazil's ex-first lady gets 11 years on corruption charges
Death deepens mystery in Brazil
Mayor Most Rare: Sexologist and Monied Marxist
São Paulo Is Focus of Municipal Ballots in Brazil
What Mayor's Wife Saw: A Tangled Tale of Graft

Brazil Power Struggle Puts Government in Gridlock
Brazilian Mayor in Marital Mess: Is It the Office?
Brazil's Unlikely Rising Star in Politics: a Woman
Feud Breeds Political Scandals and Public Outrage in Brazil
Kingmaker in Brazil Has Built a Castle of His Own
Mário Covas, Governor of State of Sáo Paulo, Dies at 70
Political Turmoil Threatens Brazil's President

Brazil candidate Gomes 'own worst enemy'
Brazil presidential hopefuls scrape for cash
Brazil May Not Stay Upright on a Shaky Global Stage
Brazil's Coalition Loses a Key Partner Over a Police Raid
Brazil's Front-Runner Gets Backing
Brazil's Presidential Election Reflects Power of São Paulo
Brazil's Presidential Vote Hinges on Debate's Result
Brazilian candidates offer guarded support for IMF deal
Brazilian candidates woo female vote
Brazilian investigation taints presidential hopeful
Campaign With Good Sales in Brazil
A Crucial Party Defection Bolsters a Brazilian Candidate
Disgraced Collor seeks comeback in Brazil
Election Support Falls in Place for Brazilian Leftist
Ex-leader of Brazil backs opposition candidate
From Maid to Rio Governor, and Still Fighting
Government 'machine' loses punch in Brazil vote
In Brazil, millions e-vote with ease
Leftist Hopes to Capitalize On Strong Showing in Brazil
Long Treated as a Joke, Brazilian Neofascist May Have the Last Laugh
A Leftist Surges in Brazil's Turbulent Presidential Election
Major Party In Brazil Bolts Ruling Coalition
Mayor's Killing in Brazil State Churns Politics and Stirs Rage
Political influence growing for Evangelicals in Brazil
Polls Say Leftist Will Win Brazil's Presidency by Wide Margin
Skepticism Greets Leftist's Makeover in Brazil
To Call Long-Distance, or Vote Communist, Dial . . .
U.S. Brazil watchers doubt leftist candidate will win

Brazil Needs A-Bomb Ability, Aide Says, Setting Off Furor
Finding Common Ground in Brazil

Brazil Party Threatened by Videotape Showing Graft
Corruption Accusations Rise From Brazil Mayor's Death
Scandals Threaten to Engulf Brazil's Ruling Party
Brazilian Efforts at Progress Are Mired in Political Scandal
Lula stymied at the polls
Municipal Elections Strengthen Party of Brazilian President

Brazil's president suffers defeat in Congress
Many fear bribery scandal could smear president